Love All Play Episode 2 Recap: Will Park Ju Hyun & Chae Jong Hyeop Play In Doubles

In Love All Play Ep 2, Park Tae-yang (Park Ju-Hyun) and Park Tae-Jun (Chae Jong-Hyeop) went through the process of becoming mixed doubles partners. The two’s friendship was deepening, making viewers’ hearts skip a beat.

Park Tae-yang and Park Tae-Joon, both outsiders, arrived in Yunis at the same time. “Ssangbak” refers to a group of people who are of the same age and have similar names. Coach Lee Tae-sang wants to build a new team with the two of them joining. All the Yunis players, however, who were under the impression that Park Tae-yang had paid a bribe, refused to join Park Tae-Yang’s side.

Taeyang didn’t have a choice but to look for a doubles partner on her own. She decides to convince Park Tae Jun to become her partner. It wasn’t just because I’d had a special bond with him since I was 12, but because I made the decision after carefully watching his game. Tae-Yeon Park, who runs like a maniac when she sets a goal, follows Park Tae-Jun about and convinces him to “take care of her.”

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Park Tae-jun felt burdened by Park Tae-Yang, who only regarded sports as a vocation. He eventually declined Park Taeyang on the ridiculous grounds that he couldn’t high-five her due to their height disparity, in a teasing manner.

Park Taeyang’s loneliness only grew as a result of all of this. Yunis’ bullying got worse, and because of the intensive workout, her body was weary. Taeyang Park finally broke down in tears. “I’ll never be able to do well,” Park Tae-jun said. Athletes’ glory days are never resurrected! “You’re finally crying, I rather liked,” who was in a rage, saying, “Because I’m done.”

Park Tae-Joon didn’t stop there; he made even more fun of her by informing Yunis’s friends that Park Tae-yang was crying. Park Tae-yang suddenly wiped her tears away and pursued him to stop Park Tae-Joon. Taejoon responded to her idea, “Let’s become partners,” only after watching Taeyang stop crying. Then came his counter-suggestion, “Until you desire, I’ll stand behind you,” which made viewers’ hearts race.

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Park Tae-yang did not respond to Park Tae-jun’s suggestion right away. Park Tae-Joon appeared to be following her this time. Taeyang has finally come to a decision. “Just stick to my back,” she told Park Tae-Joon. He replied, “On the court,” announcing the formation of a new mixed doubles team. Finally, she successfully executed a high-five with a jump, which had previously been impossible due to the height difference.

There was no passionate declaration of love, but it was the two of them who made viewers’ hearts skip a beat. The appearance of Park Tae-Joon and Park Tae-Yang, smiling brightly and delivering a high-five at the end, in particular, captured the hearts of the audience. Taejoon Park and Taeyang Park will now work as a team and stand on the court together. Viewers can’t wait to see what type of story these two beautiful and lovely people will weave as they prepare and compete together.

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