Love All Play Episode 11 Recap: Chae Jong Hyeop’s Heartfelt Confess’ To Park Ju Hyun

In Love All Play Ep 11, Park Tae-Yang (Park Joo-Hyun) discovered that Park Tae-Jun (Chae Jong-Hyeop) and Park Jun-Young (Park Ji-Hyeon) were siblings.

Park Joon-young was chastised for telling the world the truth about her retirement. It was the truth that would disappoint Park Jun-young’s parents as well as others. Park Tae-yang, Park Tae-joon, and Yuk Jeong-hwan, who were on the sidelines, were having a hard time.

They coped with the circumstance in different ways. Jeong-hwan tracked down the culprit who had covertly recorded his chat and beaten him, while Park Tae-joon consoled his older sister with a drink.

Park Tae-yang went to the national coach and admitted that Park Joon-young’s accident was her fault and that she suppressed it to protect herself. However, the manager threatened Park Tae-yang, claiming that if the truth was known, she would be insulted by player management.

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After that, Taeyang decided to leave Yunis and recorded her final training video. Every time I hit the shuttlecock, I was reminded of Park Tae-joon. Unaware of this, Park Tae-joon gave Park Tae-yang a scarf and introduced himself as Park Jun-young’s brother. Park Tae-joon calmed Park Tae-yang, who was apprehensive about his connection with Park Jun-young’s, by saying, “Let’s not be shaken.”

The next day, Taeyang used social media to tell the truth and reflect on it. This report once again turned public opinion in Yunis and badminton. Park Tae-yang stopped to see her mother on the way.

Even though she knew she should, she couldn’t break up with Park Tae-joon, and Park Tae-yang grumbled that it was all because her mother didn’t love her, thus his love had become her everything.

Park Tae-Yang, who had no idea how to leave Park Tae-joon, who had shown her the love that her mother had not, held up the scarf he had given her and sobbed uncontrollably.

Tae-Jun appeared at this point. Taeyang purposefully treated him badly in order to end their relationship. “Am I pitiful?” she asked Park Tae-joon, who refused to leave despite the fact that he knew it was she who had ruined Park Joon-young’s life.

“Did you feel sorry for me?” Park Taeyang chastised. For the first time, Park Tae-joon raised his voice for the first time. I simply Love you. The ending was embellished by Park Tae-Joon’s heated confession, “I just Love you”.

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