Love All Play Episode 10 Recap

In Love All Play Ep 10, Chae Jong-hyeop (Park Tae Joon) stayed by Park Joo-Hyun‘s (Park Tae Yang) side until the end, keeping a secret while knowing their ill-fayed relationship.

The narrative of two people who encountered each other at the brightest and most intense period of their life was drawn in Love All Play Episode 10.

At a drinking party, Park Tae-joon (Chae Jong-hyeop) and Yuk Jeong-hwan (Kim Moo-jun). Tae-joon Park stated, “Why is Park Joon-young my older sister, although I have lived under the tutelage of a brilliant older sister since childhood? While thinking about it, I really wanted to get away.”Continuing, he said, “When my sister was in an accident, I didn’t know how to console her. Then you were there for my sister. Thank you so much for doing what I couldn’t and for bearing with me at this difficult time.”

Park Jun-Young, Park Tae-Joon’s elder sister, was a successful national team player before an accident ended her career and she returned to coaching badminton. Yook Jeong-hwan, Park Jun-young ex-lover, said, “I went over everything with Jun-young, as you mentioned.

when her winter training was cancelled due to severe snow in the past, Patk Joon-young followed her best friend, national team member Park Tae-yang, to a ski resort where no one was there. However, it was the story of Park Tae-yang, who was drunk and driving down the ski slope, and Park Joon-young, who collided with her and sustained a major leg injury, ultimately preventing her from playing.

Park Tae-yang, who had proclaimed her retirement and returned to the courts after three years, ran into Park Joon-young after this incident and remarked, “I can’t forgive myself if my sister can’t forgive me. She can’t even breathe because she’s so ashamed.”

“I’m late,” she exclaimed, “but I’d rather be the one who hurts my sister, and if she revealed that my sister covered me, shouldn’t I be despised and punished?”

Park Tae-joon first requested that Park Joon-young not be friendly with Park Tae-yang. Park Tae-joon, who only thought of Park Tae-yang in the midst of difficulty owing to his parents’ bigotry and guilt for his older sister. He put in a lot of effort to ignore Park Jun-yang’s request and keep his friendship with Park Tae-yang.

In the meantime, Taeyang Park has been stuck in a rut since meeting Junyoung Park. The more he strained his body with his activity, the tougher his thoughts became. Tae-jun Park, who had entirely lost her mental health, was visited by Park Tae-joon, who hugged hee. “I shall live,” Park Tae-yang said only then. “I’m going to live now.”

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