Love All Play Episode 1 Recap & Review

Love All Play Ep 1″ drew viewers’ attention by depicting the effort and affection of badminton players who were young and 25, but not young as athletes.

Park Tae-yang (Park Joo-Hyun), who was formerly described as a genius girl, an Olympic hopeful, and the future of badminton in Korea, was pictured returning to the sport after a three-year hiatus. Park Taeyang, a badminton player who retired three years ago to work part-time at a sushi restaurant, others believed he was apprehended for paying a bribe and fled at night. The badminton world was abuzz when Park Tae-yang returned. The Yunis players on Park Taeyang’s business team, in particular, openly ignored Park Taeyang.

Meanwhile, Park Tae-Joon (Chae Jong-Hyeop), a badminton player for the Seoul City Hall side, voluntarily withdrew from the match due to an injury to another player. Angry, the director announced that Park Tae-Joon would be cut from the team, to which Park Tae-Joon agreed and announced that he would retire from the sport.

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Park Tae-yang rejoined the YUNIS after a three-year absence, and Park Tae-Joon’s retirement ceremony, declaring his retirement from sports, was both conducted in the same location. Park Tae-Jun rang the golden bell to receive congratulations from his teammates, and he stepped outside for a bit, leaving his icy look behind. Tae-Jun Park walked up to Tae-Jon Park, who was yelling at the punch machine.

At first, Park Tae-Joon approached Park Tae-Yang, appearing to know her. Park Tae-yang, on the other hand, stated that she was unfamiliar with him. “I’ve been supporting you since I was 12,” Park Tae-Joon remarked as he handed over his racket to Park Tae-yang. The friendship between the two is said to have started 13 years ago.

Soon after, Park Tae-jun paid a visit to Park Tae-Yang’s father, Park Man-soo, and had a badminton instructor interview, after which the two met again. The couple’s relationship was also revealed 13 years ago. Park Tae-Joon was the first to notice Park Tae-Yang’s badminton ability, and as a result, Park Tae-Joon was adopted by Park Man Soo’s family and given a family of her own. Park Tae-Joon truly saved Park Tae-Yang’s life. The two spent a cool and enjoyable time sipping water from the fountain this time, sharing the same experiences and becoming closer.

In the midst of all of this, Yunis made Park Tae-Joon an offer. “An annual income of 6,000” was the word that moved Park Tae-Joon, who was unmoved by anything else. Taeyang Park’s presence on the team was also a bonus for him. However, the taunting of Park Taeyang by Yunis’ players got increasingly extreme.

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Park Tae-Joon’s text message asking, “Why did you come back?” “I’m not happy even when I’m gone since I can’t finish things correctly; I’m not comfortable procrastinating and playing because I’m a badminton player.” Park Tae-Joon stood in front of Park Tae-yang, who was smashing and screaming the reason for her return. The narrative of two people who have been supporting each other for 13 years and were on the verge of giving up badminton as a team piqued interest in the next episode.

Love All Play Review

As a result, Love All Play Ep 1 (Going To You At The Speed Of 493 km) grabbed attention by convincingly portraying the relationship between Park Tae-yang, who returned because badminton is everything in life, and Park Tae-Joon, who can’t resign since badminton is a career. Above all, the relationship between Park Joo-Hyun and, Chae Jong-Hyeop made it impossible for the viewers to look away from the screen. At the same time, viewers could sense the excitement in the badminton game environment and sympathise with the players on the business team who were enjoying their social lives in order to keep their salaries.

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