Love All Play Ending Explained: A Happy Ending

Love All Play Kdrama ended with a happy ending. It was a happy ending for Park Tae-joon (Chae Jong-hyeop) and Park Tae-yang (Park Ju-hyun).

In Love All Play Ep 16, Park Tae-joon learned about his knee’s condition ahead of the mixed doubles final at the ‘2022 Korean Badminton King’s Championship’. 

Love All Play Episode 16 Recap

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Love All Play Kdrama..A Happy Ending, Image: Twitter

Previously, it was Park Tae-joon, who only considered his sport as a profession, enough to declare abstention in order to protect the legs of his fellow athlete. He even said that he wanted to play without giving up until the end this time. However, Park Tae-joon injured his ankle and eventually, he gave up on the finals.

It was also revealed why Park Tae-joon wanted to play in the finals. It was because he was going to tell Park Tae-yang that he wanted to meet up again after the last match. Park Tae-joon was admitted to the hospital after the final was cancelled, only to discover that he was in a hurry.

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Love All Play Episode 16, Credits: KBS2

Thanks to Park Tae-yang who was also hospitalised alongwith Joon and was able to protect his knee. They were in rehabilitation for a month. Jo Hyang-suk, Joon’s mother was well aware that Park Tae-yang protected her son. Park Tae-yang was invited by Taejoon’s mother for dinner.

Park Tae-jun has been waiting for this moment. Two persons running at a speed of ‘493 km/h’ towards each other. “Let’s start over,” Park Tae-joon said to Park Tae-yang. He went on to say, “I Loved You. I will love you without resting for even a second.”

A year has passed, and a lot has changed. Park Jun-young attended graduate school. Former Yunis coach Lee Tae-sang was named national team coach, while Joo Sang-hyeon assumed command of Yunis and former player Lee Young-shim took over as coach.

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Going to You At The Speed Of 493 km

By serving as seniors to the new juniors, the active Yunis players portrayed a more mature image.

There were a few things that remained the same. It was Park Tae-Jun, Park Tae-Jun, Yuk Jeong-Hwan, and Lee Yoo-Min, who continued to excel as badminton players. At the ‘2023 Korean Badminton Championship,’ the two teams met again.

To conclude, Love All Play Episode 16 which was the last episode of the drama ended happily making viewers’ happy at the same time.

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