Lomon ‘I Fought Zoombies & Took Revenge’…Shares His Wish To Act In A Youth Drama

Park Solomon better known as Lomon, “I once fought a zombie and acted as a revenge agent, so I want to act in a youth drama that makes me feel good.”

These are the words of actor Romon, who played Ji Su-heon in the Disney+ series “Revenge Of Others,” a high school student who opted for revenge above aspirations.

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Meanwhile, Revenge of Others is a South Korean revenge television drama series featuring Shin Ye-Eun and Lomon. It was scheduled to release on November 9, 2022, exclusively on Disney+. The story revolves around Chan-mi, who searches for the truth regarding the death of her twin brother, and Soo-Heon, who begins taking revenge on an unjust world. It is a gripping teen revenge thriller that occurs as characters are involved in a horrific incident that leaves them feeling anxious.

Lomon, who gained fame from the Netflix series “All Of Us Are Dead,” about high school students trapped in a building where a zombie epidemic has spread, was back with “Revenge Of Others.” He portrays Ji Soo-heon, a prominent student at Yongtan High School who excels in sports and looks. Ji Soo-heon, the sole family member who was struggling to pay his mother’s medical bills, decided to exact revenge on those responsible for acts of violence in schools.

He said, since “Revenge of others” was my first starring role, my shoulders were heavy, and I was anxious. He began shooting “Revenge of others” a year after “All of us are dead” came out. Romon stated, “I attempted to concentrate on the assigned duty and circumstance. I wasn’t afraid of differences. I was pleasantly surprised to get a lot of attention as soon as “Jiwoohak” came out. I had no idea what to do, so I made an effort to relax as much as I could. I was exhausted,” he remembered.

Even the performers were kept under wraps about the ending and the culprit. Lomon uttered, “I didn’t find out until just before the filming was over,” he remarked, adding with delight, “It had a happy ending. Ji Soo-heon struggled through everything, but it’s fortunate that something positive happened.” “While filming, the actors reasoned, ‘Are you the culprit?’ as if playing a mafia game. Part 12 came out and I found out,” he said.

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When asked how it was to work with Shin Ye-eun, who portrays Ok Chan-mi, a former high school shooter, Romon said, “I was grateful and reassured. My older sister has strong leadership and took care of him a lot on set.”

“There weren’t many melodies, which made it more unique. Going to the second half was unusual, he said. Wouldn’t it have been slightly more considerate?” he asked. In “Revenge of Others,” Romon, who in “All of us are dead” mainly seen running from zombies, said, “I had to be good at sports like an athlete. I ran in the Han River to raise myself,” he said, emphasising his effort.

Romon claimed that after “All of us are dead,” his personal social networking site (SNS) account had gained 5 million more followers. He stated: “I didn’t anticipate that it would appeal to so many fans. Just thankful, really. There are numerous remarks. I got a present and a coffee truck when it arrived “I was unaware of it. I typically stay indoors because I’m in class or working out. Outside, I don’t really notice it much.”

Romon, who is making numerous preparations in advance of the 2023 filming of “All of us are dead 2,” remarked, “I felt quite inadequate after finishing this assignment. Three times a week, I practise pansori to improve my vocal range. I also work out frequently. I study acting as well.

When asked about the year’s events, Lomon responded, “A lot of things like gifts happened this year. I’m proud of finishing ‘Revenge of Others’ well. I’m really appreciative, and I’ll do my best to pay it forward and live more diligently in the future. I want to develop into a credible performer who is always worth watching.

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