Little Women Kdrama Review – A Journey From The Darkest To The Brightest

The level of Korean dramas these days is no joke. It’s not about the “Squid Game” that won the Emmy. Instead, a series of works of art that are less well-known to audiences worldwide but are more entertaining and sophisticated than “Squid Game” is going on. The popularity of Korean dramas is currently at its peak. Korean dramas will make you fall so deeply in love.

They weren’t only proficient in the thriller and horror subgenres. Our Blues, Twenty-five Twenty One, “My Liberation Diary,” “Business Proposal,” etc. There is so much to see, yet time is of the essence. Regardless of the subject matter or genres—such as melodrama, romance, or drama—Korean dramas currently display world-class directing, acting, and screenplay.

Every day when you plan to take a break, a brand-new episode will catch you off guard. Little Women is to blame now. It is a box-office trio directed by Kim Hee-won, written by Jeong Seo-Kyung, and produced by Studio Dragon.

You will surely think of it as a sweet potato drama for the first ten minutes. And will definitely come close to changing the channel multiple times during its initial plot. But Future events will seem to have a clear-cut story. That’s wonderful. You will need to tone down the drama a bit and take a break. However, 10 minutes after the initial opening credits vanished, “Why is this happening? You couldn’t help but remark on how excellent Korean dramas are, asking, “Why are they so hooking?

The introduction of ‘Little Women‘ is kept to a minimum. Because it is a luxury drama, this one must be seen and should never be ruined by a clumsy entertainment section. Little Women’s rating has reached a high of 9.9% in just two episodes, and it is still getting good reviews. Amazingly, it reached Netflix’s Korean popularity top rankings. According to the production company’s advertising campaign, the three sisters who are involved in a major incident find it thrilling to solve their life’s homework of “money.” It hit me in the back of the head after I said, “That’s a drama like that,” in response to such blatant packaging.

The collaboration between Director Kim Hee-won who demonstrated his sensual directing in the films “Vincenzo” and “The Man Who Became King,” and writer Jeong Seo-Kyung, who demonstrated his delicate writing abilities in the films “The Handmaiden” and “Decision to break up” as well as the drama “Mother,” have raised the expectations. Expectations are also raised by the ideal synergy developed by Kim Go-Eun, Nam Ji-Hyun, and Park Ji-hoo in this drama, who will draw the three sisters who wish to travel “from the lowest and darkest place to the highest and brightest place.”

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