Little Women Episode 4 Recap & Summary

In Little Women Ep 4, Jin-hwa-(Chu young’s Ja-hyun) double life was discovered by Oh In-joo (Kim Go-eun) in Singapore.

With the $2 billion won that Jinhwa-young left, Oh In-ju bought an apartment with the help of her aunt and grandmother. The use of the money by Oh In-joo is opposed by her sister Oh In-kyung, who also disables the phone number that even references her isolation. Oh In-kyung located the blue orchid and learned that it has sedative properties and had once been a flower used by shamans.

Oh In-hye visited Park Hyo-rin and gave her the blue orchid that Won Sang-ah had given her. After smelling her and hearing that it was a flower that her father had grown in secret, Won Sang-ah asked Oh In-hye to create a portrait of her. Oh In-hye collapsed while working on a portrait of Won Sang-ah. She was brought to the hospital, where it was discovered that she had a hereditary heart condition.

Oh In-joo attempted to use the $2 billion Jinhwa Young left for her treatment after learning that her late brother and Oh In-hye shared the same condition in the past, but this time, Oh In-kyung did not oppose. When Do-il Choi learned that Go Soo-im was looking into Oh In-joo, she pleaded with her not to spend the money for a while. However, Oh In-joo ignored her and went to get the money she had left in the yoga school locker, where she was apprehended by Gosu Im.

Oh In-joo asked for only 100 million won to cover the cost of her younger sister’s treatment after Go Soo-im stole all of Oh In-ju’s money. Choi Do-il and Won Sang-a intervened to restrain Go Soo Lim after she had used her hand to beat Oh In-joo and had even taken up her weapon. A friend of Won-sang’s informed Oh In-ju that the foundation run by her husband Park Jae-sang would cover the cost of her treatment.

Then, Won Sang-ah took Oh In-ju to the restaurant she frequently visited with Jin-hwa Young. When Won Sang noticed Oh In Joo wearing the shoes she had given Jinhwa Young, she recognized the two of them and proposed to Oh In Joo, who she had previously identified as Jinhwa Young. Because of her sister Oh In-hye’s medical expenses, Oh In-joo decided to would act in the same way as Jin-hwa Young, but she refused to be friends with Won Sang-ah.

Oh In-hye claimed that meeting Park Jae-sang and Won Sang-a in addition to having her surgery completed without problem was “the luckiest thing she has had in her life.” When Oh In-kyung discovered after the fact that the Park Jae-sang Foundation was covering the cost of her surgery. After stating, “I know your father,” Oh Hye-seok gave Jae-sang Park the money needed for the surgery of Oh In-hye. Oh In-hye, intending to stay at Park Hyo-, rin’s home, still proceeded to get ready for her study abroad.

A the end of Little Women ep 4, Oh In-joo revealed the existence of the slush fund ledger to her sister Oh In-kyung and offered to send her sister Oh In-hye to study abroad. While this was going on, Choi Do-il informed Oh In-joo that Jinhwa had been residing in Singapore for the previous three years using Oh In- joo’s name and that she was currently required to complete Won Sang-ah’s work, which was under Jinhwa-young.

Additionally, Oh In- ju’s name was on seven bank accounts that included 70 billion won in slush cash. Oh In-joo was surprised to see that she has a house, a car, and a 70 billion won account in her name and said, “I have to travel to Singapore right away.”

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