Little Women Episode 3 Recap & Summary

In Little Women Ep 3, Lim Go-eun of got into a conflict over Choo Ja-hyun’s 2 billion won bequest.

Oh In-kyung (Nam Ji-hyeon) just happened to watch Oh In-hye’s (Park Ji-hoo) drawing transformed into a Park Hyo-rin (Jeon Chae-eun) painting that won an award. Oh In-Hye was asked by In-Kyung about what she had stated, “Did she give her money and she drew a picture?,” and she nodded. She acknowledged that Park Jae-sang and Won Sang-a had decided to send Hyorin to Boston School of Art so she could study overseas.

Later, Oh In-kyung attempted to enter Park Hyo-rin’s party after learning that Oh In-hye was there, but was turned away by Park Jae-sang’s aides. She was expelled by Park Jae-sang, who said, “It’s a personal gathering. Reporters are not permitted to enter.”

Kyung Oh drank soju and walked up to a high spot to start a ruckus even after realising she was addicted to alcohol and quit drinking. “The sister won’t go home till she’s with you,” she cried over her fence as she approached Oh In-hye.

Oh In-kyung asked Park Jae-sang as Oh In-hye exited the party, “Why does the one who has everything desire even the youngest daughter of a poor family? She is the person I love most in the entire world. She warned that she would hunt her down and exact revenge to the the last person.

As soon as she got back home, In-hye texted In-kyung to say, “Today was the most embarrassing day of my life. I’ll put you on hold. Any conversation will be declined. She didn’t immediately verify the text from Oh In; she did it the following morning.

Oh In-ju learned at that time that Oh In-hye had admitted to going to attend Boston School of Art. Don’t overdo it, Won Sang-ah advised Oh In-joo after she had taken money and gone in search of her. Won Sang-ah had shown her a picture of Oh In-hye.

Oh In-joo left, and Won Sang-ah gave her manager the order to find out why she had money appear out of nowhere. Oh In-ju asked her after discovering the cash in her kimchi bowl.

She issues a warning, stating that she will report any expenditures made with this money “since she’s constantly poor, is intolerable. She will, nevertheless, commit theft.” “I wish my dad had stolen money and returned it back,” Oh In-joo remarked. She stated: “if you intend to file a report. I’ll blow all this cash and wind up in jail “She answered.

Along the way, Oh In-ju stopped by Hye-seok and requested him for assistance in using 2 billion won in cash to purchase a three-room flat in Seoul. By telling the story of her deceased brother, who was prevented from visiting the hospital because Hye-seok refused to lend her money, Oh In-ju was able to appeal to her guilt.

She did not, however, remember her brother, who passed away when Oh In-ju was eight years old, or Oh In-hye, who was six. “The child dies, the mother goes insane, and the father drinks,” stated Oh In-ju. You were directed to a different home. It was written on your heart back then. Without money, you pass away. “Have you heard? I wasn’t even born yet,” she said.

In the meantime, Park Jae-sang relates to In-hye how she beat out Won Sang-woo to become General Won Ki-seon’s heir. She raised tension by asking, “Can you betray the one you love the most on earth?”

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