Little Women Episode 2 Recap & Summary

In Little Women Ep 2, Oh In-joo (Kim Go-eun) suspected Director Shin (Oh Jung-se) of being an axis of evil and witnessed his accident.

Oh In-joo (Kim Go-eun), who knows that Jinhwa-young (Chu Ja-hyun) died with so much money, hid 2 billion won from Jinhwa-yeong (Chu Ja-hyun) in a kimchi container. Along with Do-Il Choi (Ha-Jun Wi) and Director Shin (Jung-Se Oh), In-Joo Oh made the decision to track down the 70 billion won and slash funds that Jinhwa-Young embezzled.

As promised, Oh In-kyung (Nam Ji-hyun) had breakfast with her aunt and grandmother, Oh Hye-seok (Kim Mi-sook) and revealed to her older sister, Oh In-joo (Kim Mi-sook) that she had been suspended for a month due to her drinking. Hye-seok gave Oh In-kyung the chance to leave her position as a journalist so that she might train for a position at her own company, but Oh In-kyung declined. Oh In-kyung ran into her neighbour Ha Jong-ho on the way home (Kang Hoon).

Oh In-ju discovered Jinhwa-young’s sub-account by looking through the things Jinhwa-young had left at her home. According to Jinhwayoung’s subaccount, she resided in Singapore. Shin threatened Oh Inju, stating, “The corporation needs Injoo’s pretty feet and focused talent.” Injoo saw and fled when Shin warned that if Jinhwa Young obtains a house in Singapore, she will be able to find 70 billion as well.

Park Jae-sang (Uhm Ki-joon), the attorney in the savings bank case from four years prior, had died in an accident while travelling to see the informant who had first come forward to In-kyung. This information was discovered by In-kyung when she pursued the case. Kyung Oh went to his burial home, where she had discreetly left notes indicating that she was trying to see him because she feared he had been murdered.

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Little Women Kdrama Ep 2 Recap, tvN

Yang Hyang-suk, who had been taking care of the orchid before Jinhwa-young passed away in the same manner as Oh In-ju and Choi Do-il discovered. Additionally guilty of embezzlement, Yang Hyang-sook was discovered dead in her red high heels at her residence. Director Shin brought a present of red high heels as a warning that I would die after Yang Hyang-sook and Jinhwa-young, which angered Oh In-ju. Director Shin emphasized that Yang Hyang-suk had made the decision to end her life, though.

It was Jinhwa Young who found the dead Yang Hyangsuk, and she confessed that Jinhwa Young came to her first and said that she would do what Yang Hyangsuk used to do. At that time, In-Kyung found out that her younger sister, In-Hye Oh (Park Ji-Hoo) had won the grand prize in a contest because a painting she had been drawing was turned into the work of Park Jae-Sang’s daughter Park Hyo-Rin (Jeon Chae-Eun).

Director Shin admitted that I didn’t know Jin Hwa-young. The world has a lot of very terrifying things. He said, “Someone’s up there.” He crashed from a parking tower on his way to meet a prosecutor because he was ready to serve five years in prison for offences like gambling. Shin’s car also had a blue orchid, and Oh In-ju was shocked by Shin’s accident.

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