Little Women Episode 1 Recap – Kim Go Eun Finds 70 Billion Won

In Little Women Ep 1, Oh In Ju (Kim Go-eun) found the 70 billion won that Hwa Young (Choo Ja-hyun) had left behind. She was astonished to find 70 billion won in illegal slush funds hidden by Hwa-yeong.

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Little Women kdrama Ep 1 Recap

In-Joo and In-Kyung made a cake on this particular day to honour In-Hye’s birthday as they waited. Inju remembers her birthday party, when she proudly said, “I’m delighted I’m living as much as everyone else now,” while leaving her boiled eggs in front of her friends and cake.

A happy birthday celebration and gift-giving ceremony were about to begin after In-hye’s homecoming when Hee-yeon (Park Ji-young) entered as an uninvited guest. Hee-yeon had sworn hoarsely that she would take a box of radish and prepare the radish kimchi because she had no idea that In-hye didn’t eat it.

Hee-yeon seized the 2.5 million won that In-ju and In-kyung had accumulated, after paying off her father’s debt for the fourth year. In-hye wanted to take her high school field trip, where she took school solely using her own talents. This money was assigned for her school trip expenses. When her father was involved in a car accident, Hee-yeon claimed that one of her sisters tried to travel to the Philippines but was unsuccessful because she claimed she lacked the funds. She took the cash the following morning and fled.

Didn’t your mother never travel overseas at this age, Heeyeon remarked? She left a note stating that “She is no longer a mother, but she wants to live as a human being,” and in response, In-Joo was incensed and ordered In-Kyung to clear the kimchi.”

Some people prefer not to be mothers, but that is my mother,” In-Joo soothed In-Hye as she said. In-Joo sobbed while In-Hye calmly retorted, “She never thought that she would be able to go on a school vacation.”

In-Hye was assured by In-Kyung and In-Joo that they would cover the cost of her school trip, to which In-Hye said, “Mom is right, but I’m not furious since I detest this more. Not at all.”

Meanwhile, while serving as an accountant at a construction firm, In-Joo grew close to Hwa-Young. They were aware of each other’s struggles since Hwayoung was bullied on the 14th floor and Inju was bullied on the 13th floor. In-joo requested a salary advance from the leader of her accounting team, but the request was denied; as a result, Hwa-young decided to lend her money.

Hwayoung was bullied as a result of an Issa Shin scandal. Hwayoung revealed a laid-back attitude by declaring, “I don’t care since I know it’s not me,” and “I know the secrets of those who tell stories,” despite the fact that this had been staged.

Then, after signing a contract and discussing business with Injoo, Hwayoung questioned her about what she would like to do if she didn’t have to worry about money. Inju replied, “I want to live in an apartment with a nice sash with my younger sisters.”

After then, Hwayoung went to a business trip abroad. She was unable to get in touch with Inju when she returned. When Inju visited Hwa-young’s place she found her dead there. People around Hwayoung suspected her suicide as a result of severe depression. However, Inju soon learned that Hwayoung had stolen more than 70 billion won from the business, and under pressure from her staff, she resigned.

Then, Inju received a call from Hwayoung’s yoga studio informing her that the membership had been changed. After visiting the studio, In-ju was astounded to discover a letter from Hwa-young with the words, “I hope she lives in a wonderful apartment with her younger sisters,” along with a large inheritance.

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