Link’s Premiere Today, Expect Moon Ga Young & Yeo Jin Goo’s Deadly Encounter In Ep 1

Yeo Jin-goo and Moon Ga-young engage in a deadly confrontation that invites the residents of Jihwa-dong to watch a fun game.

Link: Eat, Love, Kill, or simply Link, is about a man (Yeo Jin-goo) who unexpectedly shares a woman’s emotions and experiences all of her joys, sorrows, and pains.

Link’s side released some stills ahead of the Link: Eat, Love, Kill Episode 1 premiere. Eun Gye-hoon’s befuddled expression is contained in the published stills, which show him standing in the centre of Jihwa-dong with both hands up. Eun Gye-hoon, who does not dabble in personal feelings, is perplexed as to why he appears to be declaring his innocence. A junior standing next to him, Jin-hoo Cha (Lee Seok-Hyung), appears impatient as well.

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Link Kdrama New Stills

Then Noh Da-Hyun, who is dealing with Eun Gye-hoon, creates a frigid environment. She appears to be furious with him and ready to run into him at any moment. The fight between the two drew the attention of Jihwa-dong residents at once, and even the appearance of the folks witnessing the fight is intriguing. They are curious about what happened between Eun Gye-hoon and Noh Da-Hyun and were enjoying the scenes at the time.

As a result, the prelude to Eun Gye-hoon and Noh Da-Hyun’s unique connection unfolds in an intriguing way in the first episode of “Link.” Eun Gye-hoon, in particular, becomes caught in accidentally touching Noh Da-Hyun’s heart and correctly touches her rage button.

The situation is focusing on whether Eun Gye-hoon, who will begin the link phenomenon after 18 years and Noh Da-Hyun, the link’s main character, are aware of each other’s special link and confront each other, as well as the full story of a hot encounter between two of them that will make Jihwa-dong noisy. We’re looking forward to the premiere of ‘Link,’ which will take place on the evening of June 6th.

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