Link Kdrama Episode 1 Recap: The Beginning of Moon Ga Young & Yeo Jin Goo’s Complicated Relationship

Link Ep 1 shows the complicated relationship between Yeo Jin-goo (Eun Gye Hoon) and Moon Ga-young (Noh Da Hyun).

In Link ep 1, Eun Gye-hoon found it difficult to express his feelings to others. He was cooking in a restaurant when he unexpectedly burst into tears and passed out. He cried when going home shopping and describing dishes to his customers, and he laughed when he heard his employees’ parting stories. Those who were close to him were concerned about his health.

It wasn’t the first time he’d done anything like this. Eun Gye-Hoon began to share other people’s emotions unexpectedly, which reminded him of his twin sister Eun Gye-Young 18 years ago. Even 18 years ago, he could sense his twin brother’s emotions on occasion and even protected his younger sister from bullying. He began to worry if his twin sister, was still alive.

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Link Kdrama Ep 1 Recap

Eun Gye-hoon, who was experiencing weird sensations, ran across Noh Da-hyun on the street. They didn’t recognise one other at first, but they ran into each other again at an event. Eun Gye-hoon went to the rooftop and handed out food to Noh Da-hyun, who was upset. While witnessing Noh Da-hyun eat deliciously, Eun Gye-hoon brought her food as a gift.

Eun Gye-hoon felt uncomfortable, as if he was experiencing someone’s emotions, and he hoped his twin sister was still alive. He wanted to double-check with Noda Prefecture and others her age.

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Link Eat Love Kill Ep 1

Noh Da-hyun, on the other hand, was sceptical of Eun Gye-hoon. Eun Gye-hoon’s gift was mixed up with someone else’s at the event, and she was terrified of receiving shoes and hairpins as a result. Noda-hyun felt it was sent by Eun-gye-hun.

Eun Gye-hun, who was attempting to open a new restaurant in Jihwa-dong, ran across Noh Da-hyun once more. Noda-hyun gave Eun-gye-hun a warning glance and told him not to send weird gifts. She’d probably mistook him for a stalker.

Lee Jin-geun , was the stalker. Lee Ji-geun was stalking her and rumoured to be dating Noda-hyun. Lee Jin-geun’s actions humiliated Noh Da-hyun, who realised she had misread Eun Gye-hun.

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Noh Da-hyun, who was studying for the civil service exam at the library, returned home late at night. Jin-geun emerged out of nowhere in front of Noda-hyun, followed her home, and threatened her.

In a crisis, it was Eun Gye-hun who felt Noh Da-hyun’s emotions. After a physical fight to get away from Jin-geun, Noda-hyun awoke to see Jin-geun lying on the floor, blood streaming from his skull. Noda-hyun went to the police station, returned home without saying anything, and told the truth to her mother and grandma.

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Jin-geun Lee’s body was transported to the refrigerator by Hong Bok-hee and Na Chun-ok, who consoled her daughter and told her to do as she was told. When Nohda-hyun stared at her mother and grandmother, she felt uncomfortable.

The complex story began when Eun Gye-hoon brought Jin-geun Lee’s body to his restaurant in a refrigerator.

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