Lee Soo Hyuk Answers Various Questions Regarding His Role In The Drama ‘Tomorrow’

With ‘Tomorrow,’ actor Lee Soo-hyuk proved his worth.

Lee Soo-hyuk, who played Park Joong-gil in the drama ‘Tomorrow,’ which ended on the 21st of May, made an impression with his performance, which was suitable of the character of the grim reaper based on principles and ideals.

With in-depth acting, Lee Soo-hyuk absorbed Jung-gil’s bold tale, and at times conveyed sympathy and coolness to the spectators by chicly punishing the culprits who appear in the episode.

The following is a Q&A with Lee Soo-hyeok, who demonstrated his more refined acting skills as well as his distinct charisma.

Q. How do you feel about the drama’s end?

Thank you to the director, writer, actors, and crew who worked tirelessly to ensure a successful conclusion. I sympathised with those portions since it was ‘Tomorrow’ that sent varied messages, and it was a work that made me think till the very end.

Q. You did an excellent job as the Grim Reaper. Do you have any characters in mind to take on in the future?

I was a grim reaper this time, therefore I think it would be better if I greeted you with a more realistic character next time to demonstrate more varied charms. We intend to keep pushing ourselves to become better at playing diverse characters.

Q. When you were performing, what part did you concentrate on?

Because of the nature of the ideal and principled character, I wanted to create tension or impact when they appeared. Also, because the character Jung-gil’s story must be unravelled gradually, I thought it was vital to pose a perplexing issue, but I spent a lot of time and effort articulating that point of contact correctly.

Q. What was the vibe like on the set?

We were challenged with the crisis management team in the drama, but we had a lot of fun filming each other in reality. Hee-sun sunbaenim in particular was excellent at directing the atmosphere, and the director and crew all treated me well, so we chatted a lot on set and one scene at a time. Together, we were able to create a scene.

Finally, a word to the audience:

I recall thinking a lot about how to better portray a potentially weighty story. Thank you so much for sticking with ‘Tomorrow,’ telling so many great stories, and loving it. Everyone is in good health, and I’ll give you a new look.

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