Lee Min Ho Created Another Famous Scene With His Persuasive Acting Transformation

With his persuasive acting change, Lee Min-ho created yet another memorable scene.

A hidden narrative about Ko Hansu (Lee Min-Ho) before he became a cold-hearted businessman was revealed in Episode 7 of the Apple TV+ original “Pachinko,” which was released on the 22nd.

Meanwhile, the Apple TV+ Original Series “Pachinko,” based on the New York Times best-selling book of the same name, is a delicate and warm story about the hopes and dreams of a Korean immigrant family. It has received acclaim from critics all over the world. While Pachinko is known for its enthralling plots in each episode and the actors’ passionate performances, it is also known for the iconic scenes that have left an indelible mark on the world across decades and languages.

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If Lee Min Ho made an impression as a businessman with ambition and a “bad man” who fell in love with a woman in “Pachinko,” this time he garnered attention with the story of a man who lived dutifully and righteously in poverty in the past.

In addition, viewers were moved by his affection for his father and his look of acceptance of fate while facing unanticipated problems and disgrace.

Lee Min-ho recently stated on his official YouTube channel, ‘leeminho film,’ that “Hansu survived in his own manner.” He explained why Ko Han-su, who possessed an unspoilt purity, had to transform with his real acting, further deepening immersion.

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Lee Min-ho drew his attention by attempting an unusual metamorphosis in both performance and visuals. He created a character named Go Han-soo, who was greatly admired, with a bushy hairstyle, rustic dress, a basic grin, and a mournful glance, rather than a manly and refined figure. He was impressed by the varying levels of enthusiasm in each circumstance, openly conversing in dialect, English, and Japanese.

Lee Min Ho for Pachinko

Lee Min-ho has been playing the role of a pioneer in guiding the unquenchable Hallyu fever since his appearance in “Pachinko,” displaying the dignity of a top Hallyu star. He generates renowned sequences in every episode, raising questions about Lee Min-Ho’s performance in the last episode, not only because of his character digestion skills but also because of his chemistry with the other actors. Source (1)

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