Lee Jung Shin & Lee Sung Kyung’s Dinner Date, Will Su Hyuk Succeed To Win Han Byul’s Heart? ‘Shooting Star’

The romantic dinner date of ‘Shooting Star‘ Lee Sung-kyung and Lee Jung-shin was filmed, sparking speculation about their relationship.

The tvN Friday-Saturday drama ‘Shooting Star’ is a romantic comedy reflecting the story of celebrities who shine like stars in the sky, and the individuals who sacrificed their blood, sweat, and tears to empower them to do so. It represents the “variety of people who clean up after the superstars’ mess,” emphasising that no celebrity shines in isolation.

Oh Han-byeol (Lee Sung-kyung), Gong Tae-seong (Kim Young-dae), and Do Su-hyeok (Lee Jung-shin) have a triangular romance that is blossoming while giving a nice laugh to the small screen by capturing the entertainment industry concealed behind the dazzling limelight in a funny episode.

The anguish of Han Byul, who heard a succession of confessions from Tae Sung and Soo Hyuk, was drawn in the previous episode of ‘Shooting Stars.’ Hanbyul intends to respond to Soo-hyuk’s confession first, but Soo-hyeok, sensing Hanbyul’s unwillingness, saves time by declaring, “I don’t want to hear the answer right now.”

The situation has previously been unsettled. The drama concludes with Han Byul, who had a date with Suhyeok, but being unable to resist Taeseong, who is waiting for her, and she hurriedly goes to meet him.

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Shooting Stars Kdrama Stills

The dating scene of Han Byul and Suhyeok is included in the stills released ahead of episode 9 premiere by ‘Shooting Star,’ which has piqued excitement. In the stills, Suhyuk and Hanbyul are having dinner together. Both Hanbyul and Soohyuk have a subtle tightness on their features that makes spectators’ hearts quiver. Soo-hyuk’s look, in particular, exudes even greater determination, piquing interest in Su-hyuk’s final wave to win Han-byul’s heart.

In addition, all eyes are on Hanbyul’s reaction to Soohyuk’s sincere last move, as well as the trajectory of Hanbyul, Taeseong, and Soohyuk’s triangular romance, which is nearing its conclusion.

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