Lee Jung Shin, A ‘Chemi Master’ After Portraying Both ‘Bromance & Romance’ In Shooting Stars

Lee Jung-shin is now known as a Chemi Master who has both romance and bromance in his life as Do Soo Hyuk in the drama Shooting Stars.

In the drama ‘Shooting Star,’ Lee Jung-shin plays Do Soo-hyuk, a Star Force Entertainment advisor who creates three-color chemistry with the characters and represents himself as a chemi artist.

He portrays a considerate unrequited love chemistry with Oh Han-byeol (Lee Sung-kyung), a full-fledged romance with Jo Ki-bum (Park Sojin) and a new bromance with Gong Tae Sung (Kim Young-dae).

Lee Jung Shin ‘three-color chemistry’ with the character of Shooting Stars

#1. Do Soo Hyuk’s Unrequited love for Oh Han Byeol

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Lee Jung Shin & Lee Sung Kyung, Image:tvN

With his compassionate unrequited love chemistry with Han Byul, Lee Jung-shin once again made viewers fall into ‘inducing unrequited love sub-disease’.

Suhyuk worked with Hanbyul, the leader of Star Force Entertainment’s public relations staff, and grew to like her. Suhyeok was typically meticulous and cold, but when it came to expressing his thoughts for Hanbyul, he was more pure and honest than anyone. With a clean grin, pleasant eyes, and tone of voice, Lee Jung-shin enthralled spectators at the moment by communicating an obvious temperature difference toward his unrequited love.

#2. Beginning of So Hyuk & Po Ki-bum’s sweet and refreshing romance

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Lee Jung Shin and Sojin, Image: tvN

Suhyuk, who is falling in love with honest and daring Po Ki-bum has recently evolved a new type of flirtation.

Soo-hyuk and Jo Ki-bum help each other through difficult situations, and they admire each other’s neat and precise work. Lee Jung-shin’s emotive acting, which progressively shifts from sadness to delight, instils positive feelings in the character and raises expectations for the relationship that would emerge in the future.

#3. From fighting to bromance, Soo Hyuk ang Tae Sung grew closer

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Lee Jung Shin and Kim Young Dae, Image: tvN

Do Soo-hyuk and Tae-sung’s chemistry has also changed. With his jealousy, Soo-hyuk creates a love triangle and keeps an eye on Tae-seong, who was also a rival of his unrequited love.

When Tae-sung was in difficult situations, So-hyuk displayed his tsundere-like side, despite his rigid separation of public and private life. Soo-hyuk shielded Taeseong at times, and the two grew inseparable.

The changing relationship between Soo-hyeok and Tae-seong was brought to light by Lee Jung-shin, and the chemistry between the two was even brighter.

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