Lee Joon Gi Engulfs Between Kim Jae Kyung & Hong Bi Ra, His Past Life Classmates, ‘Again My Life’

Lee Joon-gi is engulfed in misery between Kim Jae-Kyung, a wounded woman, and Hong Bi-ra in the hospital room in the SBS Friday-Saturday drama “Again My Life.”

On the 9th stills of “Again My Life” was released. Lee Joon-gi (Kim Hee-woo) revealed the “Big Picture’ stills to modify the destinies of Kim Jae Kyung (Kim Han-mi) and Hong Bira (Kim Gyu-Ri) prior to the second episode of “Again My Life.”


In the previous episode, prosecutor Kim Hee-woo was killed while seeking to convict Jo Tae-seop (Lee Kyung-young), a ruthless world tycoon. However, on the verge of death, a second chance at life presented itself, and Kim Hee-woo was sent back in time 15 years ago. Kim Hee-woo, in particular, has the ability to predict the future as a result of experiencing the first life of his existence. He prepared for the full-scale “Jo Tae-seop punishment” with his past life experience and expertise acquired over 15 years, creating aspirations for future progress.

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Meanwhile, in the released stills, Lee Joon-gi, Kim Jae-kyung, and Hong Bira create a serious mood, piquing the interest of those who witness what’s going on. Lee Joon-gi has a worried expression on his face when he stares at someone. Lee Joon-Gi’s classmates from the same high school include Kim Jae-Kyung and Hong Bira. At the same moment, Lee Joon-gi exits the club with Kim Jae-kyung on his back and is speaking with Hong Bira, who is in the hospital, indicating an extraordinary turn of events.

As a result, there is a serious atmosphere among Lee Joon-gi, Kim Jae-Kyung, and Hong Bi-ra, and based on the first life, Lee Joon-gi will be able to modify the tragedy that has befallen the two of them, and what Lee Joon-Gi’s strategy to rectify their fate will be.

Meanwhile, Episode 2nd of Again My Life will air today (9th April) at 10 pm (KST).

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