Lee Dong Wook Confirmed To Appear As Gumiho In ‘Tale Of The Nine-Tailed 1938’

Lee Dong-wook makes a comeback to the small screen. His agency, King Kong by Starship, released a statement on the 3rd, saying, “In tvN’s new drama ‘Tale of the nine-tailed 1938,’ Lee Dong-wook will play ‘Lee Yeon’

”Tale of the nine-tailed 1938 is an action drama about Lee Yeon (Lee Dong-wook), a nine-tailed fox who crash-lands in 1938 during a period of chaos. The plot progresses with more dynamic action and colourful characters in fairy tales, on top of a unique worldview that exquisitely mixes indigenous gods and native spirits.

Lee Dong-wook in a prominent role as ‘Lee-yeon,’ a nine-tailed fox with off-white fur, intellect, and athleticism. Despite having a joyful ending with Nam Ji-ah from ‘Tale of the nine-tailed,’ Lee Yeon was pulled back to 1938 due to an unanticipated incident.

He wants to figure out what happened to his half-brother Jae Rang (will be played by Kim Beom), as well as his long-time friend Ryu Hong-Ju (played by Kim So-Yeon) and Cheon Mu-Young (played by Ryu Kyung-Soo), who are all reunited there. Following the success of the previous season, which featured romance, action, and fantasy, fans are curious to see how Lee Yeon will be represented by Lee Dong-wook this season.

Meanwhile, Lee Dong-wook has demonstrated a wide range of acting abilities in films such as romantic comedies, medical dramas, fantasy films, and thrillers. There was also a phrase in the recently ended ‘Bad and Crazy’ that ‘the genre is Lee Dong-wook,’ with many performing variances within one character. As a result, all eyes are on Lee Dong-Wook’s presentation of the ‘K-Fantasy’ story and the nine-tailed fox ‘Lee Yeon,’ which will be innovative and surprising.

Meanwhile, ‘Tale of the nine-tailed 1938, is set to premiere in 2023.

Source: Naver TV

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