LE SSERAFIM’s Concept Photos For “FEARLESS” Are Breaking The Internet At Both Korea & Abroad

The reaction to the concept photo of LE SSERAFIM, the “HYBE’s first girl group,” has been overwhelmingly positive both at home and abroad.

Chaewon, Sakura, Yunjin, Kazuha, Garam, Eunchae) of Le Sserafim uploaded group and individual images of the first concept, ‘Vol 1. The ‘LE SSERAFIM CONCEPT 1‘ photos rose to real-time trends around the world on Twitter as photos of the six members crossing the circuit with their dignified steps were released, and major Japanese media outlets like Oricon, Natalie, and Real Sound also announced the release of the photos.

The group’s amazing visual combination has elicited an equally explosive response. One global K-pop fan said, “It is the most powerful and impactful of all-girl group debut materials,” while another said, “The flawless synergy of the girls’ aesthetics, direction, and concept shines out.”

Le Sserafim Members, Images: Twitter

Le Sserafim is already attracting a lot of interest both domestically and internationally. The South China Morning Post labelled Le Seraphim as “a candidate to become the next representative K-pop girl group,” while the NME defined it as “a group that has been gathering great anticipation even before their debut.”

Le Sserafim, on the other hand, is the first girl group to be formed in collaboration with HYBE and Source Music. By recombining the spelling of “IM FEARLESS,” the band name “LE SSERAFIM” was born. It’s a name that suggests self-assurance and a strong will to move on without being affected by the gaze of the world.

HYBE’s “World Class” production team, as well as HYBE Chairman Bang Si-hyuk and creative director Kim Seong-Hyun, contributed to the perfection of Le Sserafim’s debut album. Within a week of pre-ordering, their debut album, “FEARLESS,” had reached 270,000 pre-orders, signalling a “debut with a different class.”

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