Kokdu Season of Deity Episode 1 Recap & Summary

In the MBC drama ‘Kokdu Season of Deity Ep 1′, which aired on the 28th, Kkokdu (Kim Jung-hyun) realized that Han Han-jeol (Im Soo-hyang) was his destiny.

In Kokdu Season of Deity Ep 1, the previous lives of Kkokdu and Hangyeol were drawn. When Kkokdu was a human, he lived only for Seol-hee, the name of Han Han-jeol’s previous life, and eventually died for Han Han-jeol. Kkokdu waited for the end of the year, wandering endlessly on the road to the underworld, that is, the Gucheon between the underworld and this world. Kokdu said, “It was my job to wait for you in the land of punishment where there is no rain and only a little wind, where you will come someday.”

In response, the Creator asked Kokdu, “What are you waiting for to remain on this road?” and suggested reincarnation to Kokdu. But Kokdu refused, saying, “I don’t like it. Seol-hee is my destiny.” In response, the Creator punished Kkokdu, saying, “The voices of the dead and their spirits will linger in your ears. That’s how you will lead the dead and repeat the murder in this world.” Season left for Yeongpo after seeing several comments about Do Jin-woo being in Yeongpo in the comments on the falsely posted post.

Kkokdu appeared in front of Hanhangjeol, who left for Yeongpo. Unable to know that the kokdu in front of her is not Do Jin-woo, but the god of the dead, Hangyeol-jeol grabs kkokdu’s face and turns it around, asking, “Are you okay?” Then, Han Geum-jeol put his headlock on and knocked him over, saying, “Are you really okay? You’re okay, but you didn’t even contact me?”

Kkokdu tried to kill her by strangling her. However, Kkokdu’s technique did not work on Han Keum-jeol. Kkokdu is ‘what is it? Has your heart weakened?’ When Hangyeol told Kokdu, “I’m not even a real human,” Kokdu said, “Yes, I’m not human.” However, he ignored the limit clause and tried to understand, saying, “I think I lost my memory because I was injured when the accident happened.”

Then, Kokdu realized that Han Geum-jeol was the woman who would release his curse, saying, “Is it a dream, fantasy, or insanity? Afterwards, Kokdu said to Oksin and Gakshin, “Finally, I found my woman.” In response, Gakshin asked, “How do you know if Hangyejeol is that woman?” Kokdu replied, “My heart has weakened. And don’t you have a ring?” Kokdu swelled with anticipation, saying, “When the time comes, the ring will find its owner.”

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