Kim Shin Young Denies Dating Rumour With Former Oh My Girl Member Ji Ho

Comedian Kim Shin Young denied pointless dating rumours with former Oh My Girl member Jiho

Kim Shin-young mentioned her connection with Ji-ho on MBC FM4U’s ‘Noon’s Hope Song, this is Kim Shin-young,’ which aired on the 20th.

Jiho left Oh My Girl to marry Kim Shin-young, according to an online forum, and reports of her dating began to circulate. In this regard Kim Shin Young clarified her point and denied all the dating rumours stating:

“I don’t know if it’s been a few years, but a lot of Links came to the group room on this day,” Kim Shin-young remarked. ‘I wonder if anyone can trust me,’ I thought after hearing a lot of ridiculous stories. We communicated for a while, and several of my friends gave me links.” “As everyone in the ‘Jeong-hee’ family knows, I usually spread it effectively,” she continued. It’s completely absurd.

The remarks contained numerous facial evaluations. I wasn’t that ugly when we met in person. They keep telling me I’m old, yet I’m only in my forties.” “Sometimes in life, I talk about myself,” Kim Shin-young, who was always absurd, remarked, “but there are many things that have nothing to do with me, so I leave it.” And, most all, I want to speak calmly. No. In that manner, I am appealing. I had no idea such a thing existed. Only rumours exist about it.”

She then added, “If I pass it on with a smile, someone might get hurt. Isn’t that something for which I’m not responsible? Please come to MBC and appear on it if you have anything important to say.” ” My clothing are the most crucial factor. “I don’t give anyone clothes or shoes. My sister borrowed my things to make her appear nice. When I was in ‘Haengnim,’ I was the first person to wear that bracelet.

“There was also a video scandal a few years ago,” remarked Kim Shin-young, who brought this up. I claimed at the time that I lacked stamina, but this time it’s a new scandal.” “Overseas people come to my SNS and post long remarks,” she continued. It starts with an F, but it sounds insulting, but I’m not fluent in English. Please interpret for those who are able.”

At last she also cheered Jiho.

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