Kim Seon Ho’s 1st Confession After 7 Months Of ‘Pregnancy Controversy’ “I’m Sorry’

For the first time in over seven months, actor Kim Seon-ho spoke out about his private life controversy.

Kim Seon Ho published a short piece on his personal SNS account on May 7th.

“I’m sorry for making you have a difficult time owing to my flaws,” he said, adding, “Thank you for congratulating me on my birthday this year as well. As he was born on 8th May.

Previously, Kim Seon-ho, who rose to fame as a prominent actor thanks to the popularity of the tvN and Netflix drama ‘Hometown Cha Cha Cha’ was embroiled in a dispute over his private life with his ex-girlfriend.

However, during the filming of director Park Hoon-comeback jung’s film, ‘Sad Tropical,’ the present scenario in Bangkok, Thailand, where it was shot, has been disclosed multiple times via social media.

Kim Seon-ho quit KBS2’s ‘2 Days and 1 Night,’ and his castings in the films ‘Date at 2 O’Clock’ and ‘Dog Days’ were also cancelled as the controversies surrounding his personal life escalated.However, after the communications he had with his ex-girlfriend were made public, popular perception shifted.

Meanwhile, his next upcoming film is ‘Sad Tropical’.

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