Kim Sejeong Talks About Bed Scene With Ahn Hyo Seop In ‘Business Proposal’ In An Interview

Ahn Hyo-Seop Oppa and melodrama went together really well. Fortunately, ad-lib intimate scenes with my Oppa (Ahn Hyo Seop) were prevalent in several of the sequences that became hot topics. I was able to go out without having to deal with any unpleasant situations thanks to my oppa. The thoughts and considerations of everyone came together to produce a beautiful sight. As an actor, the bed scene was shot comfortably. Kim Sejeong revealed this in an interview held online on the 7th of April.

Kim Sejeong

A Business Proposal was voted second in the top TV show category by Flix Patrol, a streaming video content ranking service. It was also included in the ‘Today’s Top 10’ list in 55 nations, including Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, the United States, and Saudi Arabia. The K-Romance packed with clichĂ©s is spreading all over the world.

Kim Se-Jeong was quick to praise Ahn Hyo-seop, one of his coworkers. “, she explained, “The melody’s melody fits in well. Thankfully, many of the situations that became hot topics were ad-libbed (unprepared) on the spot with my Oppa. They worked well together because they filled the tunes with ad-libs. The story’s flow was enjoyable. We tried to read each other’s eyes as much as possible and focus on what we were attempting to give each other. “

According to Kim Se-Jeong, “My Oppa was a caring actor, so if Hari felt uncomfortable in this position, the senior would cut her out first.” I was able to go out without having to deal with such unpleasant situations. ” I used to pretend not to be awkward because I didn’t want people to find out about the awkward aspects of my personality. I didn’t like the drama, and I stated that if I were shy, it would be embarrassing. As a result, I was more careful while filming. Yes, I did, “she expressed affectionately.

Kim Sejeong

“It might be unpleasant for each other if skinship that wasn’t there is created,” she adds. However, when the director was asked casually, ‘How about doing this?’, he answered, ‘I think it should be such,’ and a scene was added. Everyone’s thoughts and concerns were included. It’s remarkable because it gave birth to a magnificent scene.”

In ‘Business Proposal,’ the bed scene between Ahn Hyo-seop and Kim Se-jeong was the most talked about. “I wasn’t very scared about the bed scene,” Kim Se-Jeong stated. Of course, some people were astonished by what I exhibited as Se-jeong, but it wasn’t an unpleasant moment for me when I watched it as Hari and Tae-moo. “and” Even on site, the director was quite sensitive. He set up numerous scenarios in which the flow would not be disrupted.”

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According to Kim Se-Jeong, “As a result, the director may have felt even worse about it. By turning it in multiple times, he purposefully did fewer of the activities that could be filmed. He stated that he desired the performers to be able to ride the wave well. I was concerned. I did the filming without regrets as an actor, and I shot it in a pleasant mood. ” “Because I was shy, I didn’t see the scene. The only thing that made me feel embarrassed was that they resembled Teamu and Hari. It’s a lovely setting. But there was something much more humiliating about it since I believed it would be real if I had to do it with Tae-Moo.

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