Kim Sejeong Shows Her Lovely Charm Even In Paris

Kim Sejeong posted numerous images on her official Instagram account on the tenth day of her travel, captioning them, “The end of the trip that has been resting well for her heart!”

Kim Se-Jeong seemed to be enjoying her trip to Paris, France in the published images. With the Eiffel Tower in the background, Kim Se-Jeong exudes her charming appeal.

She looked radiant and refreshed as she clicked in different poses, showing off her beautiful features. She also posted some video clips along with the photos.

She describes her travelling as:

마음이를 위해 잘 쉬고 왔던 여행
다음엔 혼자도 도전해봐야지!

재밌었다! 뿅!

(이 날은 길도 잃어버려서 더 재밌었던 날)
아 그리고 세상 사랑해!

“A trip that I rested well for my heart End! I’ll have to try it myself next time! It was fun! Pyong! (This day was more fun because I lost my way) Oh, and I love the world!”

Meanwhile, Kim Se-Jeong recently appeared in SBS and Netflix’s hit drama ‘Business Proposal‘ alongside Ahn Hyo Seop. She also confirmed her appearance in SBS’s new drama ‘Today’s Webtoon’.

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