Kim Sejeong Reveals Why She Appeared in ‘A Business Proposal’

Kim Sejeong, who successfully led “Business Proposal” as her primary character Shin Ha-ri, said in a video interview on the 7th of April, “It’s refreshing.” From the planning through the filming, there was a lot going on. She also had a lot to prepare for, and Covid 19 caused a lot of incidents. Isn’t it true that a lot of things ended up feeling fantastic in the end? “I feel rejuvenated after it goes because it feels like a recollection,” she remarked.

Kim Sejeong

‘Business Proposal,’ in particular, won the hearts of international fans by ranking second in the TV program category not just in Korea but also on Netflix’s global streaming platform. “I think the reason K-Romance has been successful internationally is that it touches on simple and tiny things,” Sejeong remarked of the genre’s global popularity. Because ‘A Business Proposal’ is a well-written drama, I assumed that the response would come from abroad as soon as I read the screenplay. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude. Isn’t that the consequence of a lot of hard work? Thank you for the positive outcome. Apart from that, it’s not much different, so I’ll continue to put in the same amount of effort as before. “

The only reason Kim Se-Jeong appeared in ‘Business Proposal’ was because she was desperate for “Roco.” (Romantic Comedy) “, she explained, “I frequently worked on humanistic works since she has a healthy and cheerful persona. That’s OK, but she wanted to show a different side of herself. I was determined to at least once show that “Sejeong can do these things,” so I accepted the challenge of filming a romantic comedy, “Business Proposal.”

kim Sejeong

“I challenged myself since I was able to show so many images when playing Roco,” Kim Se-Jeong said, “but that turned out to be the most difficult.” She had to show both Geumhee and Hari, so she knew it wouldn’t be simple when she read the screenplay. As a result, I spent a lot of time studying the tone and preparing. The existing Hari would not exist if the process for reaching a result had not been followed. “At the time, the entire process was required,” she explained of her efforts.

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“I put a lot of effort into this drama,” she continued. I used to be terrified of putting in long hours at work. ‘What if I get wounded because I worked hard but nothing came to me?’. It appears that I may now work hard without fear of such things. I believe the results I’m exhibiting now are due to the fact that I’ve always worked hard. It’s one of the positive things that let me forget about my anxieties, believing that if I work more this time, I’ll get a better return. “

Kim Se-Jeong has previously indicated that “Today’s Webtoon,” a new SBS drama, will be her next project. Today’s Webtoon is based on Naoko Matsuda’s popular comic “Let’s Make Heavy Chains!”, which has been dramatised in Japan. This drama depicts a struggle to advance as a webtoon editor. Onmaum, the main character in the drama, is played by Kim Se-Jeong. Source (1)

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