Kim Sejeong Flaunts Her New Short-Haircut In Her Latest Insta Posts

Kim Se-Jeong shared many images of herself on her official Instagram handle with her BFF Jihyo along with the words “Jihyo and Jeju.”

TWICE member Jihyo and Gugudan singer and actress Kim Se-Jeong enjoyed a trip to Jeju Island.

Kim Sejeong and Jihyo were featured in a snapshot taken on a trip to Jeju Island. The fairy-like beauty of Kim Se-Jeong and Ji-Hyo under the cherry blossoms stands out even more. Their close friendship can easily be noticed. Here we can see some major BFFs’ goals.

Kim Se-Jeong’s cropped hairdo, in particular, strikes her eye. Kim Se-Jeong’s beauty, which complements her short hair well, makes everyone envious.

Kim Sejeong On Instagram

It’s not simple to cut hair very short, especially when so many people associate long hair with beauty. As a result, most of the time, such a drastic adjustment might be tough and make you fearful of what others will say. But ‘A Business Proposal‘ fame Kim Sejeong who is the hot topic nowadays perfectly flaunts her fresh short hair in the posted photographs, she looks so refreshing and cool. Short hair, on the other hand, may be quite liberating and can instil whole new confidence in you by making you stand out in a crowd.

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