Kim Se Jeong Looks Sexy Femme Fatale In The New Still Cuts Of “Business Proposal”

Kim Se Jeong looks fabulous in the newly released still cuts of “Business Proposal”, as she transforms into a chaebol Heiress to meet Ahn Hyo Seop In on a Blind Date.

SBS New Monday Tuesday Drama Business Proposal (Director: Park Sun Ho, Han Sol Hee, Hong Dong Hee, Planning, Kakao Entertainment, Cross Pictures Production).

It is about a woman who leads a dangerous double life. Expectations are rising for the colorful charm of Kim Sejeong, who go back and forth between the main character (the main character) and the general office worker (the second person).

Business Proposal production team unveiled another aspect of Kim Sejeong, who pretends to be a rich chaebol heiress.The innocent and beautiful Kim Se Jeong is nowhere to be seen,she transforms completely into a bold, hot and sexy heiress, she has changed 180 degrees, hans are intriguing to see her transformation in the upcoming SBS dRAMA ‘Business Proposal’.

Kim Sejeong’s dark make-up and bold styling are eye-catching in the newly released Sill photos. When Kim Sejeong goes to meet Ahn Hyo-seop (played by Kang Tae-m) on a blind date in place of her friend, she transforms into an adorable hot and sexy woman. She wears a stunning dress that emphasizes her waist, fishnet tights and leather shorts. The appearance of Kim Sejeong, who digested rare fashion, raises expectations for the deadly “buccaneer”.

kim se jeong
Kim Se Jeong, Image Source: Twitter

This is completely different from the previously revealed still cuts of Kim Se Jeong, in which she was a researcher and employee at a food company, which arouses new interest. At the request of her friend, Shin Hari, who had to go to the confrontation instead, said that she would put all her heart into acting for her confrontation. From the appearance of an ordinary office worker who is nowhere to be seen, she is going to give her a laugh as she struggles to transform into a femme fatale opponent that she has never seen anywhere else.

kim se jeong
Kim Se Jeong, Image Souce: Twitter

The production team of ‘Business Proposal’ said, “Kim Se Jeong” delightfully portrayed Shin Hari, who goes back and forth between the main character and the secondary character. It will be lovely and sweet to see the erratic appearance of the original character Shin Hari, who pops out with the appearance of a deadly daughter of Chaebol Family. It is interesting to see how Kim Sejeong will act as a subcharacter that is 180 degrees different from the main character in terms of visuals and her activities in the drama.

Meanwhile, SBS’s new Monday Tuesday drama ‘Business Proposal’ is based on a web novel of the same name serialized on Kakao Page, and it was also produced as a webtoon, and it is a work that has exploded in popularity. First broadcast at 10 pm. Featuring a thrilling office romance on February 28, a facial genius, talented CEO Kang Tae moo, and an employee who scammed her identity. Read More

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