Kim Moo Joon Answers Various Ques Regarding His Role In ‘Love All Play’

Kim Moo-Joon skillfully absorbed the three-dimensional character with varied charms and accomplished the beauty of Yook Jong in his first starring role, from the cynical and cold-eyed “cold handsome guy” to the comedic acting. Kim Moo-Joon provided a question-and-answer message with a meaningful finale, demonstrating that he was not a novice by perfectly immersing himself in the character.

In Love All Play, Kim Moo Joon plays Yook Jung-hwan, a national badminton team player with perfect capabilities in all aspects, including cold but cute abilities and appearance.

In an exclusive interview, Kim Moo Joon answered various questions about his role as Yook Jung Hwan in Love All Play, like how he felt playing Yook Jung Hwan, his memorable scenes from the drama, his future plans and more. Here are the questions and answers in this regard.

Q. How do you feel after finishing your work?

A. When I watch broadcasts, I usually try to identify flaws in myself. What if I did it this way, what if I did it that way? I wish I could have shown you a better side of me. But, owing to the many people who were with me despite my lack of experience, I had a lot of fun filming and was overjoyed that I was able to accomplish so much.

Q. What is the most memorable scene in the drama, and why is it so?

A. The most memorable scene is in Part 14 when Junyoung, Taeyang, Taejun, and Jeonghwan met while seeking for a drunk Taeyang. I recall that all four of us had a great time filming, but the vibe of that day has stayed with me. I laughed and laughed for no apparent reason, but it was a very happy and comfortable moment for me.

Q. Do you think Yook Jung-hwan is a character for actor Kim Moo-jun? How did you go about preparing to play Yook Jung-hwan?

A. Hwan Jung is not nasty, but he appears uncaring and blunt to others at a first impression. Junghwan’s distinctive charm is exposed, I believe, when someone exhibits interest in someone and displays those feelings. I don’t believe this will ever be the case, but there may be something like a pure love story. Junghwan’s heart and actions alter dramatically as the drama progresses. I attempted to comprehend and consider what Jeonghwan could alter, what caused him to change, and how serious the causes for Junghwan’s transformation were.

Q. What kind of work do you think ‘Love All Play’ will remain for actor Kim Moo-jun?

A. I believe it will be regarded as a work that inspired me to keep taking risks. Both athletics and dating were new to me, but it was an honour to try new things and face new challenges.

Q: In the future, which character would you like to take on?

A. I’d like to play every role. Because I’m new to this, I am just getting started, and it’s a big challenge. I’d like to meet a character with a unique career like Jeonghwan again, but I’d also like to play roles that are more common in everyday life. Furthermore, even the seemingly similar characters all have their unique tragedies, which I believe encourages me to consider how I might add my own flavour to the parts.

Q. Please say something to the fans of ‘Love All Play.’

A. I remember being delighted when I initially received the first script, but I don’t believe I can comprehend the idea that ‘Accelerate You’ is now over. We’d want to thank all of the viewers who have shown their support for Yook Jung-hwan’s Love All Play thus far. We shall make every effort to present you with a more favourable image. Thank you so much for everything.

Meanwhile, Love All Play is a sports romance drama about the passionate and caring love that exists between the male and female mixed-doubles protagonists in their badminton team.

Source: Newsen Korea

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