Kim Min Kyu’s New Drama High Priest Rembrary’s Cast Lineup & Plot Revealed

The plot and the cast lineup for the tvN drama “High Priest Rembrary” was revealed. Expectations are raised after seeing the perfect cast lineup of the drama.

High Priest Rembrary is a fantasy romance drama which is set at the time when the god of another world, ‘Rembrary’, is possessed by the unknown idol ‘Woo Yeon-woo’ of this world. The original work is now widely available on Naver webtoons due to the success of web novels, fans are paying attention to the casting while the drama’s news is being broadcast.

It has been confirmed that the main character Rembrary in this story is Kim Min-gyu, who rose to fame after his role in “Business Proposal.”

In High Priest Rembrary, Kim Min Kyu will portray Rembrary, who awakens as a lovely idol after fighting the demon king who intruded the world. The most interesting thing to observe in this work is Kim Min-gyu’s colorful acting change as well as the comedy of the holy god’s struggles to fit in with the life of an idol and the romance that wasn’t in the original.

Kim Min-kyu made his acting debut in the 2013 drama “Monstar” before moving on to roles in dramas such as “Signal,” “Perfume,” and many others. In particular, by excelling in the role of Cha Seong-hoon in “Business Proposal,” which finished in April of this year, he won the love of many people.

Ko Bo-gyeol will play the role of Kim Dal, the manager of the “Wild Animal.” Ko Bo-gyeol began her acting career in stage productions and indie movies before appearing in dramas including “The Producer,” “Goblin,” “Confession Couple,” “Mother,” “Arthdal Chronicles,” and “Hi Bye, Mama!”

Her range as an actor has expanded. Her outstanding performance in the tvN drama stage 2021 “Proxy” last year earned her the Best Actress award at the Stockholm Film & TV Festival.

Lee Jang-woo will be playing Shin Jo-woon, the head of an entertainment agency and a close friend of Rembrary. Since making his acting debut in the 2006 drama “90 Days, Time to Love.” It is anticipated that Lee Jang-woo, known as “The Prince of the Weekend” and greatly adored, would exhibit a fresh charm in “Holy Idol.”

Ji-won Ye will play Seon-ja Lim, the leader of the Wild Animals organisation that Rembrary is a part. Ye Ji-won made her stage acting debut in 1991 and has since appeared on TV, stage, and cinema in a variety of productions, including the drama “Tap,” the musical “Rocky Horror Show,” and the film “Discovery of Life.”

Expectations are high for “High Priest Rembrary” now that Kim Min-gyu and Ko Bo-gyeol, Lee Jang-woo, and Ye Ji-won have joined and the project has assembled a strong lineup. The drama will premiere in the first half of 2023.

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