Kim Min Kyu Gained 15 Kg Weight For His Shirtless Scene in Business Proposal

“I gained 15 kilograms. I also took care of my diet a lot. I ate six meals of beef all day and gained weight by eating 1 kg of chicken breast during the period before the undressing scene. After that, I also went through the work of creating a body line through dieting. I wanted to transform from an image of a younger man to a manly and sexy figure. ” Kim Min Kyu revealed in an interview.

Kim Min-Gyu revealed that in order to synchronise with the original character in the drama ‘Business Proposal,‘ he bulked up to 75 kg. After witnessing the original, Kim Min Kyu expressed his reservations about the synchronicity. “, he explained “This was supposed to be a drama. The male characters have great bodies and are flawless “he stated.

Kim Min Kyu/ Kim Min Gyu, Image Courtesy: Tenasia

‘Business Proposal,’ which finished on the 5th of April, grew in popularity after breaking the 10% audience rating barrier. It was also a hit with OTT on Netflix, where it ranked fourth in the world and first in viewing time in the non-English-speaking drama category for two weeks in a row.

Kim Min-Kyu expressed his thanks in response, saying, “It’s a really happy and grateful thing,” and “I wanted to improve my image through this job, but I’m having a pleasant time because it seems to have turned the effort into a meaningful moment.”

“I think the comfort and hilarity of work is a significant weapon” he concluded. I believe there were a lot of sympathies because it was a work connection. When asked about the secret to his success, he answered, “I suppose that portion came fresh.” “I don’t feel it,” he answered when asked if he was aware of his celebrity image. The number of SNS (Social Media) followers has increased, which is a visible reaction,” he stated.

“The way he strives to take good care of the person he likes is somewhat similar,” Kim Min Kyu joked when questioned about the resemblance to Cha Seong-Hoon’s character. Not cleaning the house is the most similar thing.” Kim Min Kyu is also known for having a straightforward loving style.


The kiss between Kim Min-Gyu and Seol In-ah (Jin Young-seo) received a lot of attention. The so-called “glass kiss” became viral on social media. “I didn’t expect it to become such a big topic at the time of filming,” he remarked. “It’s nice to observe the reaction on his SNS feed because he’s a man who drew a stroke with spectacles.” I get a lot of calls from people I know. I’m familiar with it.

He also gave a behind-the-scenes look at the making of ‘Kissing Glasses.’ According to Kim Min-Gyu, “It was difficult to kiss with the glasses since they were so uncomfortable. I believe it would be awkward for me to remove them, and I believe it would be uncomfortable for Young-seo to do so. It was an act, but it was not calculated in the least. The script didn’t even mention it.”

The love story with Jinyoung-seo became as popular as Kang Tae-moo (Ahn Hyo Seop) and Shin Ha-Ri’s (Kim Sejeong) major relationship. “Teemu and Hari’s love affair is new, sweet, and lovely,” Kim Min-Gyu remarked, “so we thought we should present a sexual and mature relationship, and it appears to have worked out well.” “It was really good,” he added. That, I believe, is why the chemistry comes out.”

When asked about his role model, Jung Hae-in, with whom Kim Min-Gyu collaborated is his role model. He hoped for the best “Jung Hae-in is 6 years senior, and he has a lot to learn from him as a man and as a person. In any job, I’d like to see him again.”

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What is it about you that makes you so appealing as an actor? Kim Min-Kyu replied, “I’ve heard I have a face that is neither too attractive nor too hideous, so I can play both bad and good characters. Maybe that’s why I’m so good at it.”

With his so-called lovely voice, Kim Min-Gyu won the hearts of many women. But I wasn’t quite satisfied with my own voice. “, he explained “There are aspects of the project that I like and portions of the project that I don’t like. The voice is always working on and exploring ways to improve vocalisation.

This is Kim Min Kyu’s final year in his twenties. “I think we should develop rather than dread,” he stated when asked if he was afraid of being in his 30s. We can’t keep showing the same thing forever. That is my ambition.” What has changed since you were in your early twenties? “My face appears to be getting older, and my thoughts vary a lot,” he remarked. It appears like the world’s perspective has shifted. I have the impression that I am growing older. The depth, I’m afraid, has shifted. “From the age of 21, I despised growing older. “I don’t feel like I’m in my late twenties anymore”, he added.

‘Business Proposal’ is the piece that has most successfully transformed my image and has the greatest viewer ratings of all the works. In my 30s, I believe it will be remembered as valuable work.” Source (1)

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