Kim Garam’s Agency HYBE To Take Legal Action Against Malicious Rumours & Cyberbullying Spreaders

Kim Garam, a member of the band LE SSERAFIM, appears to have auditioned for the first time in 2018 when the school bullying resurfaced. Garam had her first audition in the year that she was disqualified as a school bully as a result of the Herald POP report on the 19th.

An interview with Kim Garam was published in ‘Weverse Magazine,’ a Hybe publication, at the time of her debut. “I wanted to be a singer since kindergarten,” Kim Garam remarked in an interview at the time when asked when she first dreamed of being an idol. I was quite introverted when I was younger, so I was quieter than I am now, but I felt that personality when I danced and sang.

“I think I had a lot more fun actively rather than being quiet when I was in a kindergarten class or when I went to a Karaoke with my family and performed on a karaoke.

“Then, one day, a friend invited me to an audition, so in about 2018, I began preparing for my first audition.”

According to the legal representative of the victims of the bullying on that day, the same year. The victim’s side revealed that she suffered school violence from Kim Ga-ram and her friends around the end of April and early May of 2018, and then the Autonomous Committee for Countermeasures against School Violence was held on June 4. While both parties’ viewpoints are diametrically opposed,

HYBE said, “The recently raised suspicion is that the member maliciously insinuated the member by cleverly editing the problems that occurred during the early days of making friends after entering middle school. It was confirmed through a third-party statement that the member was a victim of school violence such as malicious rumours and cyberbullying while attending middle school. We will take legal action without any agreement or leniency against the subject who raised it.”

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