Kim Garam To Be Excluded From LE SSERAFIM For Its ‘Inkigayo’ Performance

HYBE and Source Music girl group LE SSERAFIM are confirmed to appear on SBS (South Korean broadcast service) music performance ‘Inkigayo’.

Le Seraphim will perform as a 5-member group on the SBS music program “Inkigayo” on the 22nd. For the time being, Kim Garam is excluded from the group, for the time being, taking school violence and bullying allegations into consideration.

“After consulting with Garam Kim, we have decided to cease advertising for a while and focus on healing the injured heart,” Hybe Source Music, Le Seraphim’s agency, today, 20th May.

Kim Garam Image Credit: Le Sserafim

As a result, the debut of Le Sserafim at SBS ‘Inkigayo’, who will perform as a five-member group, is confirmed by their agency.

According to the agency, she was referred to the ‘School Violence Committee’ after protesting the unjust treatment of a friend in connection with the accusation of school violence against Le Sseraphim member Kim Garam. Furthermore, “Garam became a victim of school violence, such as cyberbullying, after the school violence disposition in the first year of middle school, but has worked diligently since then for her ambitions and future.” As a result of receiving this, she has suffered psychologically.”

Meanwhile, on May 22nd, LE SSERAFIM will sing their debut song, “FEARLESS,” on SBS’s “Inkigayo.”

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