Kim Dong Wook & Jin Ki Joo Confirmed To Lead New Time Travel Drama ‘You, Whom I Met By Chance’

Kim Dong-wook and Jin Ki-joo have been confirmed to cast in KBS’ upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘You, Whom I Met By Chance’.

‘You Whom I Met By Chance’ a new Wednesday-Thursday drama on KBS 2TV, explores the bizarre and lovely time travel of two men and women stranded in 1987. It tells the story of a guy who seeks the truth about a former serial murder and a lady who wants to prevent his mother and father from marrying, who find that their goals are connected.

It tells the narrative of a man and woman who met by chance, each with their own story and objectives, and who wondered aloud, “Is it an accident, how I found you, is it coincidence or fate?” However, they pique the interest of the audience by revealing that they are entwined in each other’s massive strings of fate.

Kim Dong-wook will play ‘Yoon Hae-jun,’ a cold-hearted and straightforward individual who, after joining a broadcasting firm as a reporter for the social affairs department, became the youngest news anchor at 9 o’clock on weekends. With a quick mind, superb beauty, excellent physical strength, and a loving heart, he is meant to embody perfection itself.

Jin Ki-joo will play ‘Baek Yoon-young,’ a regular city lady her age who robs her spirit and fulfils her responsibilities. She had a surprising occurrence, greatly regretting the past, and living a different life while enraged her mother for the stress of her torturou social life.

‘You, Whom I Met By Chance’ is a work in which writer Baek So-yeon and director Kang Su-yeon cooperated once more following the success of ‘Chosun Rocco – Battle of Nokdu’ in 2019.

Meanwhile, ‘You, Whom I Met By Chance’ will begin production in earnest in the second half of 2022.

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