Kang Tae Ho’s Popularity Increases With The Success of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’

The most talked about drama of the second half of 2022 is ENA’s Wednesday and Thursday drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo‘. In the first episode, the audience rating was 0.95 percent, and by the seventh episode, it had reached 11.7 percent of viewership ratings which are highest in ENA history.

Everything that has to do with “Woo Young-woo” is currently popular in a syndrome-like way. The whale mural house in Seongsu-dong and the Kimbap Restaurant owned by Wooyoung-woo’s father have both been designated as “certified shoot places,” and well-known stars like Yoona, Kim Hye-soo, RM, and Jung Yu-mi are drawing attention to their certifications of “Woo Young-woo’s sickness.

In particular, attention to the performers has also increased. The most well-liked of them all is Kang Tae-oh, who portrays Lee Jun-ho, a cheerleader and supportive member of the legal team who constantly stands by Woo Young-woo’s side.

By acting in the dramas like “The Take of Nokdu,” “Run On,” etc. Kang Tae-oh, who was previously unknown to the general public, broke through as the next-generation melodrama male lead. He surpassed Park Eun-bin’s popularity to win the title of “most talked-about actor” in the second week of July, which further demonstrates how popular he is now.

The charm of Lee Jun-ho’s character, who captures the hearts of women with his warm tone, smile, weary look, and tender care, as well as his delicate acting abilities, contribute to his popularity. By simply and naturally illustrating the characters’ emotional transformations.

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