Kang Mi-Na of ‘ Moonshine’ Discloses her Ideal Type in an Interview

“I was greedy because I was doing a historical drama ‘Moonshine’ for the first time, so I have a lot of regrets,” Kang Mi-na stated, “but I think it ended well because of the love.”

‘Moonshine’ gave Kang Mi-na her first starring role in a television drama. Kang Mi-na explained her decision to appear when asked why she choose to do so “It was episode 5 when I first got the screenplay, so there was only one sentence that might show Ae-jin. Nonetheless, I had my first meeting with the director, and we talked for an hour and a half. It all came together flawlessly, from why Ae-jin steals things to how she appears to be a figure who would not have existed in the Joseon Dynasty. So far, the portion regarding Ae-jin hasn’t been released, but I trusted the filmmaker and wanted to go, so I decided to show up.”

Kang Mi-Na, Moonshine, Image Credit: Moonshine

“I have a little low tone, but Aejin has an innocent attitude, so I elevated the tone even more., and when I went to the set, fortunately, I didn’t come out and got along, so I didn’t have to worry about acting,” she explained.

Han Ae-jin is a character in the drama who releases his displeasure by stealing other people’s things. Kang Mi-Nastated, when asked if she understood the situation in which Byeongpan’s daughter steals, “Isn’t it the natural thing for Aejin to steal stuff in this setting? So I spent a lot of time talking to the director about how to fix it so she didn’t come across as obnoxious.

At first, I was confused as well. I went there, but it wasn’t until the screenplay was out that I realised who Ae-jin was. I had the idea that I wanted to present a character who was not part of the Joseon Dynasty.” “When I acted, I was very careful, and I acted outwardly such that it was clear.”

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When ashed, How comparable are the true personalities of Han Ae-jin and Kang Mi-na, the subjective female characters that actively expressed their feelings to the person they loved while being annoyed by the lines established by the older generation and the countless restrictions? “I also have a lot of ‘Why can’t this?’ thoughts. This is something I’d like to do.’ Ae-jin puts it into practise, but I believe it is a bit out of character for her. Shee appears to be the type of person who wants to test her abilities every now and again.”, She replied.

Ae-jin is a character in the drama who believes that her groom does not have to be wonderful, but he must be attractive.’ Mina Kang, when questioned about her ideal type, remarked, “It helps if you’re attractive. But it’s not that I’m unconcerned about my appearance.”

Is Kang Mi-na, like Ae-jin, an honest person in love? “, she explained “I aspired to live as Aejin did. I don’t appear to be completely honest. After giving it some thought, I tend to act if I believe it is the correct thing to do, but otherwise, I don’t appear to act honestly.” Source: Tenasia

Meanwhile, Moonshine is set during the late Joseon Dynasty, when there is a strict alcohol prohibition. Nam Young (Yoo Seung-Ho) works as a Saheonbu officer. One of the Saheonbu’s missions is to prosecute those who violate the alcohol prohibition. Nam Young left his birthplace in search of success in Hanyang (the previous name for Seoul). He has a good physical appearance and is a principled person. When he meets Kang Ro-Seo (Hyeri), he is confused.Kang Ro-Seo is a poor noblewoman’s daughter. In fact, she is the sole earner in her family. For money, she is willing to do manual labour. She begins producing alcohol during the harsh alcohol prohibition period in order to pay off a debt she has incurred.

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