Kang Ha Neul Plays A Two-Faced Character In The New Suspense-Thriller Drama ‘Insider’

The primary poster for JTBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama, “Insider” was published on May 12th, and it has an overpowering evil aura about it. Kang Ha-neul’s magnetism has entirely turned into “Kim Yo-han,” a judicial trainee who hid secrets and jumped into a realm of darkness, an insider with polar different faces.

‘Insider’ is an action thriller in which a judicial trainee named Kim Yo-han strives to reclaim the hand of fate that was taken away during an undercover investigation. On a game board where their wants are interwoven, intense mental fights, high-level psychological warfare, and hot action happen. A man’s agonising revenge as he faces the world that has brought him to ruin.

Kang Ha Neul plays Kim Yo-han, a senior judicial trainee whose life has been turned upside down by an undercover probe. He infiltrates the gaming board to expose the corrupt prosecutors’ flaws, but is caught up in an unforeseen occurrence and is incarcerated. Yohan Kim begins a survival search for revenge by functioning as an insider, an insider who hides his name and purpose in a prison where the law and common sense do not work.

Insider Poster

In the recently released poster, Kang Ha-neul has been converted into an ‘Insider’ with two different looks. Kim Yo-han, a senior judicial trainee who will not be disturbed in the least, demonstrates a strong inner side that no one can break. Kim Yo-han, the “inmate,” was also photographed.

After entering prison, Kim Yo-han was wounded by the lies and reality he encountered. The shapely eyes are still hard in the dark, but there is a different sensation of vengeance than before. Who will be the ‘real Yohan Kim’ as the line between the two faces is blurred? The spotlight is on his fight to keep the brutal game, crossing between justice and revenge.

Director Min Yeon-hong, known for his sensuous directing in films such as ‘Missing: They Were,’ takes the reins, while writer Man-se Moon, known for his writing talents in films such as “Priest,” completes the action-suspense on a new level. Above all, the reunion of stars like Kang Ha Neul, Lee Yu-young, and Heo Seong-tae piques the interest of drama fans.

“In Seongju Prison, where evil reigns, Kim Yo-han confronts multiple situations that overturn the righteousness he had deep in his heart,” the ‘Insider’ production team claimed. Please watch for Kang Ha Neul’s performance, which will depict Yo-han Kim’s complex psychology as he gets shocked, frustrated, and fights again. “

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