K-Stars Who Choose Not To Attend College Instead Focus On Their Careers

The Korean Celebrities who are now eligible for the College Scholastic Ability Test for the 2023 academic year is a hot topic these days. As a result, celebrities attending college has also gained attention.

Group Ive Jang Won-young made the decision to not to attend college this year in order to concentrate on his activities. Liz, a group member of a similar age, indicated a desire to work rather than study. Focus is also placed on the primary activities of Enmix Seol-Yoon, Genie Bay, StayC Yoon, and Jae-Yi. Many celebrities have said that they would not be taking the SAT this year. Is this because stars no longer place much value on academic accomplishments? Their choice is also respected by the changed social climate.

Liz and Jang Won-young of IVE, who are eligible to take the CSAT in 2023, choose not to do so this time around. The agency, Starship Entertainment, commented regarding Jang Won-young and Liz’s entrance exam: “We have been talking about taking the CSAT for a long time, but now we have decided that we want to focus on our activities.”

The well-known actor Lee Yu-jin, who gained fame from the drama “SKY Castle,” also chooses not to take the CSAT this year. According to an agency representative who spoke with the magazine, “This year, Lee Yoo-jin will not be taking the CSAT. Both at the beginning and the end of the year, he has something to get ready for. The fact that the actor does not want to attend college only this year indicates his own intention.”

On the other hand, Seohyun Ahn will show up for the test on time this year. In the case of Seohyun Ahn, she began acting as a child in the 2008 drama “Love Marriage,” and since then, she has appeared in dramas like “Dream High,” “Baby Beauty,” and “Shark,” as well as films like “Okja,” “Monster,” “God’s Hand,” and others. In particular, Ahn Seohyun aims to go to college for various experiences.

The social climate contributed to this change in choice. This is because, unlike the past, where college was a must, a flexible perception of going to college has been established and it is better to stick to the field. Controversy over the special case for college entrance, and the resulting negative gaze, also played a role. In addition, it is expected that the burden of paralleling college life and work was not small.

One famous person who chose not to attend college is singer IU. In 2012, IU chose to pursue her career as an artist rather than as a college student. She now works in a variety of fields, including acting and music. The generation’s leaders, including Suzy, Kim Yoo-jung, Lee Young-ji, and An Yu-jin, are also putting a lot of effort into their endeavours regardless of their academic backgrounds. Whether or not they attend school, the choice is clear for individuals who desire to advance their professional abilities.

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