K-Dramas Ratings Dropped Aftermath of Olympics, will they regain their lost Victory

The ratings for ‘The Young Lady and Gentleman’ and ‘Moonshine’ have dropped in the aftermath of the Olympic Games. ‘Through The Darkness’ and ‘Tracer,’ which have been cancelled for three weeks, reclaim their lost victory?

Following the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, television dramas are in decline. Due to a three-week absence, SBS ‘Through the Darkness’ and MBC ‘Tracer’ were cancelled, and cable and full-length dramas took their place. Furthermore, KBS2’s ‘Young Lady and Gentleman’ and ‘Moonshine,’ which were shown even throughout the Olympics, were directly affected by cancellations and schedule changes, resulting in a ratings decline.

young lady and gentleman
The Yong Lady and Gentleman, Image Source: Tenasia

The status of TV dramas, on the other hand, was not so excellent, notwithstanding the heat of the Olympic Games. The weekend drama The Young Land and Gentleman,’ which garnered a lot of popularity by breaking above the 30% range in ratings, scored 29.6 percent in the 39th episode. This is due to the fact that the broadcast on that particular day was set for a later time than usual, at 7 p.m. Since then, erratic schedules have continued, with 40 episodes on the 12th, no airing on the 13th, and 41 episodes on the 19th, and ratings have not improved and have continued to drop.

Moonshine, Image Source: Tenasia

The Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Moonshine: When Flower Blooms Thinks of the Moon’ (hereinafter ‘Moonshine’) starred Lee Hye-ri and Yoo Seung-ho  suffered from frequent absences before the finale and lost steam in the second half.If it had been scheduled, ‘Moonshine,’ which premiered on December 20, should have ended on February 8.

However, due to the Lunar New Year vacation, the first week of February was cancelled, and the 7th was also reported to be postponed due to the Olympics’ aftermath, and it was only aired 13 and 14 times consecutively on the 8th. Following that, ‘Moonshine’ decided to postpone the event for another week. As a result, the public’s interest in the show decreased, and the ratings dipped to 4.2 percent in episode 13, the lowest of the season.

Through The Darkness and Tracer, Image Source:Tenasia

‘Through The Darkness’ and ‘Tracer,’ two Friday-Saturday dramas, have been cancelled for three weeks. Both dramas stated that they would return with part 2 and season 2, but in reality, they are on the verge of cancelling for good reason. Because of the nature of the genre, which has a genre-like quality, if the flow is broken, the immersion level will definitely drop.

Furthermore, JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama ‘Forecasting Love and Weather‘ and tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama ‘Twenty-five Twenty One,’ which premiered during this time, both had strong viewership ratings from the first week, indicating that the audience may be lost. ‘Twenty-Five Twenty One’, for example, breached the 8% barrier in the first two episodes and received greater ratings than ‘Through the Darkness’ and ‘Tracer,’ indicating that it is extremely likely to result in a reduction in tv drama ratings. Because the whole season 2 episode of ‘Tracer’ has already been aired through OTT Wave, the significance of the main broadcast has faded.

The Olympics are finished, and now it’s time for TV dramas to launch a full-fledged counter-offensive. The focus is on future performance, on whether the non-tv dramas that have won the current victory can maintain their stronghold despite the terrestrial assault, and on whether the tv dramas that have suffered a crisis due to cancellation and schedule changes can reclaim the throne. Source (1).

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