Joo Jong Hyuk (Kwon Min Woo) Talks About His Role In ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’

Joo Jong-hyuk plays Kwon Min-woo, a new attorney at the legal firm Han Bada and Woo Young-woo’s (Park Eun-bin) rival in the drama ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo‘. The excellently skilled individual who checked and plotted Woo Young-woo is known by the moniker “Tactician Kwon Mosul-su.” He was praised by many people, though, for playing a role that he could never detest because of the humble and kind part of him that he couldn’t hide.

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ managed to surpass 15% in audience ratings despite the challenges of being broadcast on a new channel. It received a lot of attention from viewers worldwide who watched it on global OTT Netflix in addition to Korea, and it generated a lot of discussion while it was airing.

Joo Jong-hyuk in an interview said, “Seeing the ratings made me believe it was a dream. The people around me said it was a particularly strong case. It was quite strange for me personally. Even if I couldn’t have imagined it, I’m grateful to the fans anyway.”

At the start of the broadcast, viewers praised Kwon Min-woo as a “non-prejudicial character,” adding that he had a competitive spirit with Woo Young-woo, who had autism. However, as the show went on and he checked on Woo Youngwoo and even discovered the truth about her birth, the voices accusing them of “stepping the line” grew louder.

Joo Jong-hyuk also discussed, “Although it wasn’t my objective, many people first praised Kwon Min-woo for his lack of bias. Although I ate it if I felt insulted because I knew what would happen, I didn’t think they would enjoy it. It was great. It was difficult to behave nicely without knowing while I was filming the back half and the response was positive.”

In the end, Kwon Min-woo accepts Woo Young-woo and becomes a good coworker, but Joo Jong-hyuk, who was “swearing a lot,” claimed that at the time of the interview, “I received numerous calls.

Kwon Min-woo was one of the few villains in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” but from a different perspective, he was also a realistic character who could be found in any workplace where he tries to survive. Kwon Min-woo only looked ahead to becoming a full-time employee. When I read the script, I also thought the other characters in ‘Woo Young-woo’ were extremely fantastical,’ Joo Jong-hyuk said. I questioned whether I might resemble him.”

There are many heartwarming episodes in our drama, “I always came out and lit the light for the following scene. In particular, I kept quiet about the things we had to do together, but I did meet a senior and another senior, and Young-woo was eventually developed.

He also stated behind the scenes that the best acting teamwork was with the actors. “Our (Park Eun-bin) is such a fantastic actor,” Joo Jong-hyuk remarked. I had the notion while we were performing, “This kind of actor should be the major role, I still have a long way to go.” She was a friend who had eyesight.

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What would Joo Jong-hyuk do following “Woo Young-woo”? To which he said, “My life will likely continue as it is. If I watch the audition again, will I be able to perform something enjoyable? Additionally, I felt obligated to do better because I attracted a lot of attention with this work.

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