Jinxed At First Kdrama Ending Explained: A Happy Ending

Jinxed At First ended with a happy note. Seulbi and Gwangso’s love story happily ended.

In Jinxed At First Ep 16, Seon Dong Sik shot Soo Gwang and he passed out, Seulbi panicked. Time suddenly moved back a few minutes, and Soo-gwang was able to blow him away while dodging Dong-shik’s gun before falling to the ground with him. But when Soo-gwang went back to the second floor, Seulbi was gone, and all that was left was her necklace. He then proceeded to change in a strange way till the very end as time passed and Sugwang wandered around looking for Seulbi, who had vanished out of nowhere.

Mi-soo, who gave Seon Sam-joong all of her spiritual strength, passed away in his arms. Dong-sik was already cursed because of Seulbi’s final superpower, despite Iljung’s best efforts to shield him. The portrayal of a Japanese-Chinese man who is suffering because of his son’s misfortune highlights the three-dimensionality of a character who is no less than everyone else while also conveying a message of wrathful punishment.

A year had passed since the two of them broke up in vain, and Soo-gwang was still suffering from the guilt of not being able to protect Seul-bi. After learning that there was someone who resembled her, Su-gwang, who was continuously looking for Seulbi, went to Namhae.

However, she was living with her grandmother, who took care of her, and had forgotten all about her life there. She explained that many men had approached her for immoral reasons. Soo-gwang was perplexed when he saw her so thin.

Seulbi eventually allowed Soo-gwang, who had been hovering over her, to slowly enter her heart. Seul-bi met her half-brother Seon Min-jun again at the Geumhwa Hotel, but she didn’t recognise him at all. She went there with Soo-gwang. She also lost her memory of the Seodong Market, where she created her unique recollections, and the Secret Room, where she had spent the majority of her life. But the merchants in the Seodong market, who are battling to save Seulbi, gave the drama life till the very end and generated hilarity.

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Jinxed At First Finale

Everyone’s good intentions were successful, Seulbi and Soo-gwang started to regain their sense of identity after a protracted absence and memory loss. Indescribable attraction overcame Seulbi when she went to the rooftop room where the two had once lived together. The two cautiously kissed and gave off the impression that they would get back together.

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Jinxed At First Episode 16

Along with the “Soobi pair (Soo-gwang + Seul-bi),” which bore the fruit of love, the final episode’s depiction of the ordinary lives of others who found happiness made viewers smile. Through work and love, Min-jun also discovered true happiness, and Seul-bi and Su-gwang, who were married with everyone’s approval, subsequently had a child. Seulbi and Soo-gwang went to the chapel with the memories of their kids. Informing her child of the stones with the words “Sa,” “Rang,” and “Hae” engraved on them at this time, as she had done to Soo-gwang in the past, led Seulbi to believe that her memory had come back.

Viewers’ screen was warmly tinted, indicating the firmly wrapped joyful ending of the couple who found their happiness.

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