Jinxed At First Episode 1 Recap: 1st Fateful Encounter Btw Seohyun & Na In-woo

The fateful first encounter between Lee Seul-bi (Seohyun) and Gong Soo-Kwang (Na In-woo) was depicted in the Jinxed at First Ep 1.

Along with her mother Misoo, Seulbi was a shaman of prophecy. She moved in with Mi-soo, who had been living in a Geumhwa Hotel and assisting Seon-sam-Jung for generations.

Seul-bi escaped from her hotel while Sam-Joong Seon was absent. It was because she saw Kwangsu, who came to the hotel with Min-Jun Seon and misunderstood him as a ‘Prince’.

Jinxed at First Kdrama Episode 1

Kwangsu mistook her for a young girl living in a gold coin hotel with her mother and father and tried to help her. He then brought Seul-bi to his mother’s fish shop in the countryside. Gwangsu’s mother remembered something when she noticed Seulbi’s necklace. It was Seul-bi’s mother, Misu. Seulbi, who had only ever read about the outside world in the books, was thrilled and delighted to experience it for the first time.

However, the good fortune was temporary. Seul-bi’s escape was noticed by Seon Sam-Jung. She resisted going to Golden Coin Hotel because she didn’t want to be imprisoned in the hotel once more. When Seon Sam-Joong noticed this, he accused Gong Soo-Kwang of attempting to kidnap a hotel guest’s child, slapped him, and took him to the police station.

What had happened in an instant shocked Gong Su-Kwang. However, the misery continued after that. In addition, his mother passed away in a car accident, and he lost his position as a scholarship recipient at the Geumhwa Foundation. At the spot where his mother’s ashes were spread, he was struck with a blunt object, which caused him to pass out and even fall into the water.

Gong Su-gwang did, however, live. A fisherman saved him with a net, and he woke up after three days and managed to save his life.

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Seulbi continues to assist with prophecies for Seon Sam-Jung and his business. A fisherman who had previously saved Soo-Kwang helped him begin his new life. If you continue to go by the same name, someone will try to hurt you, the fisherman warned. My son passed away a year ago, yet he still hasn’t reported his death. From now on, you are my son Go Myung-Seong, the fisherman said.

After his mother, the well-known Kwangsu was managing a fish shop, two years later. But he was a mischievous person who caused misfortune wherever he passed. He even managed to pay off his debts on a daily basis.

At the end of Jinxed at First Ep 1 Seulbi, who confirmed Kwangsu’s existence, dreamed of escaping. Using the power of prophecy, Misu assisted her daughter. Expectations about the future of the two who are earnestly entangled are raised when Seul-bi Lee, who fled with the assistance of her mother, comes in front of Gongsu-Kwang.

Credits: KBS2

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