Ji Chang Wook Recalls His Days Of Poverty & Pressure To Study Hard In An Interview

Actor Ji Chang Wook recounted a difficult period in his life owing to poverty and academic pressure.

On the 9th through a video chat with Ji Chang-Wook, the star of the Netflix original ‘The Sound Of Magic.’ Ji Chang-Wook plays a mysterious magician named Lee Eul in the drama.

As a point to watch for ‘The Sound Of Magic,’ Ji Chang-Wook chose a story that anybody could identify with. He stressed, “All of us have stories about poverty, money, academic performance, dreams, and other people’s perspectives. If you concentrate on the message, you will be able to see it in a more positive and enjoyable light.”

He chose to appear in ‘The Sound Of Magic’ since it felt like his own story to him. “There were periods when I was young when I was frightened and tough because of poverty, and I was also quite stressed from school,” he stated. There were numerous moments when I struggled due to psychological strain, so seeing Yoon A Yi (Seung-Eun Choi), Na Il-Deung (Hwang In Yeop), and Lee-Eul (himself) was like seeing myself.”

Ji Chang Wook, when asked about his challenging family situation, replied, “My father died when I was young, and I was raised by my single mother. I felt a sense of loss as a result, and I quickly discovered that adjusting to reality at a young age is difficult. I was constantly depressed when I thought about my upbringing, but owing to my mother’s love, I was able to overcome it,” he stated.

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Ji Chang Wook stated of the period when he thought he had matured, “At some point, the mother I relied on became reliant on me. The parents who should be responsible for me are now the parents I should be responsible for. I felt a lot that this has happened,” “This has affected me greatly,” he remarked.

Ji Chang Wook is always facing the threat of failure, but he refuses to give up. The box office load for ‘The Sound Of Magic’ was significant because it was a musical-type drama with few success tales. “I was frightened of failing and decided not to run away,” he explained. I was filming under a lot of stress about how I should act as an actor and how the scene would turn out. He praised the staff and actors for helping him forget the strain.

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