IU, The ‘Queen of Fan Service’ As She Warmly Greets Her Fans At Cannes Film Festival

On the 26th of May (local time), the 75th Cannes International Film Festival’s red carpet was held. IU (Lee Ji-eun), who plays the female lead in the film ‘The Broker,’ walked the red carpet.

Actress IU proved her popularity in Cannes. ‘IU’ was continually screamed by the crowd. The official Cannes camera casts an interesting light on the audience an IU which shows IU as the ‘Queen of Fan Service’.

IU greeted her fans with a smile. Prior to enrolling, she was busy than anybody else. She walked up to the crowd and waved her hand. They exchanged pleasant greetings and even chit-chatted.

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Image Courtesy: Dispatch

She also signed several albums for the fans. It was similar to a fan site. To the point until a studio executive stated, “You have to go in immediately.”

In the film ‘The Broker,’ Lee Ji-eun (IU) plays ‘So-yeong.’ Soyoung is a mother who abandons her child in a baby box. She started out with a broker to track down her baby.

The dramatic alteration of the photograph sticks out. IU is associated with innocence, while Lee Ji-eun was the polar opposite in ‘Broker.’ Long permed hair and smoky makeup stand out.

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Image Courtesy: Dispatch

At the premiere that day, Lee Ji-eun (IU) was the most talked-about actress. ‘Dispatch,’ Angela stated to the crowd “Lee Ji-Eun’s lullaby scene was one of my favourites. Tears welled up in my eyes as she said, “Thank you for being born.”

IU was also praised by many prominent authorities for her role in the film ‘Broker’.

Meanwhile, Broker will release on 8th June in Korea.

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