It’s Beautiful Now Episode 14 Recap & Summary

In Its Beautiful Now Ep 14, Lee Hyun-jae called a family meeting and admitted, “I have a woman I like.” I’ll know when I leave, but I might or might not get married. ” “Isn’t this manipulation?” Lee Jun-jae exclaimed when he heard this. I’m going to have to take her.” “I have a girl I like,” Lee Hyun-jae admitted, “but I don’t want to bring her home yet.”. It’s a pity. What will you think of me if I ask you to marry me and if I offer you an apartment? That’s it. “Is it love?” he said.

Following that, at Shim Hae-jun’s request, Lee Hyun-jae took on the role of drama advisor. Lee Hyun-jae took writer Kim Yu-jin to a law company for a meeting, and she offered him a tour of her firm. ‘Isn’t the current future a playboy?’ she wondered, recalling the comments of Jin Soo-jung, who was dubious of Lee Hyun-jae. “Why are you here?” Lee Hyun-jae wondered as she stared into the future. She added to the absurdity of the present future. She felt jealous as she saw Lee Hyun-jae see off Kim Yu-jin, and she murmured, “You look so pleased.”

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Hyun Mi-rae then rushed out of the law firm, and Lee Hyun-jae said he was going elsewhere and followed Hyun Mi-rae. While fleeing to the stairs, the present-future was trapped. Lee Hyun-jae enquired: “Why are you doing this, Mirae? Let’s talk about why you’re doing this.” Hyun Mi-rae broke out laughing even harder this time. “Why did you do it before?” Hyun-jae said. “I detest you,” Hyun-jae replied when she inquired. Lee Hyun-jae said, “I am? “I’m not sure why,” Hyun Mi-rae said. I had completely forgotten everything. What was it, exactly?” she grinned.

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I’ll drive you back home.” “I’m concerned I won’t be able to meet the lawyer that day since I have an urgent business,” Hyun Mi-rae remarked. Lee Hyun-jae, upon hearing this, replied, “Mr. Mirae has the worst luck with me.” I’m suddenly feeling guilty. That day, I’ll keep my word. ” “I’ll forgive you even if you don’t keep it,” he said, pointing to the pledge. I’m done with it “She stated it with a smile, as if her rage had subsided.

Hyun-jae enlisted Hyun-mi-Rae’s help in keeping his vow to continue driving instruction. “There’s no way her family could do something that her family couldn’t do,” Jin Su-jeong told Hyun-rae. “That’s the most important thing,” Lee Hyun-jae remarked, describing her current future as “relieved.” “I am a reassuring person,” she informed Mirae.

Their truce was disrupted, when Kim Yu-jin called. Lee Hyun-jae called Kim Yu-jin and said, “I’m sorry. Please pay me a visit today at my studio. The actor I’m interested in meeting with wants to meet with the lawyer. ” “I don’t think I can do it today,” Lee Hyun-jae said, humiliated. “I want to collaborate with that actor, right?” Kim Yu-jin said. You stated that you would assist if you asked for assistance.” Hyun Mi-rae was at risk of getting into a car accident while listening to Lee Hyun-Jae’s call.

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