‘Itaewon Class’ Japanese version ‘Roppongi Class’ To Air In July With “Ryoma Takeuchi” As Main Lead

The main lead of the Japanese version, “Roppongi Class,” of the Korean drama, “Itaewon Class,” has been confirmed. It was immensely successful on Netflix in Japan.

Ryoma Takeuchi has opted to feature in “Roppongi Class,” which will be broadcast on Asahi TV in July, according to Cinema Today. In “Itaewon Class,” Ryoma Takeuchi will play Park Sae Royi, who was formerly played by Park Seo-Joon.

“I heard ‘Itaewon Class’ was a hot topic, and I was astonished when I was offered it. It was a fantastic drama,” he explained. He stated, “I want to do it.”

Park Sae Royi’s haircut, which was a hot topic in the drama, provided a change of pace. He also came up with an idea to make it with Park Sae-Royi, but after discussing it with the staff, he changed his mind.

‘Itaewon Class’ is a story about the youth, and it is considered an example of intellectual property (IP) that has had a lot of success in Korea and Japan, appearing in both webtoons and dramas. Kakao Entertainment, its subsidiary Cross Pictures, and SLL (previously JTBC Studio), which produced the Korean version of the drama, chose to work together on the Japanese version.

Meanwhile, Ryoma Takeuchi is a former model who has captivated audiences with his 185cm height and pleasant demeanour since his debut. By participating in “Kamen Rider Drive,” he launched a full-fledged acting career. He also participated in plays such as “Kahoko of Overprotection,” “Theseus Ship,” “On the Day the World Ends with You,” and “Iron Wall Teacher.” Shinnosuke Tomari, the main character of the Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider Drive, is his most well-known role.

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