Insider Kdrama Episode 2 Recap: Kim Yo Han Was Betrayed By Jin Hyeong

In Insider Ep 2, after hearing Mok Jin-hyeong’s comments to probe undercover, Kim Yo-han entered the prison. When Kim Yo-han met Song Doo-cheol around this time, Song Doo-cheol proposed that Jang Seon-oh be approached.

“I’ll give you the stake if you listen to him,” Song Doo-cheol said. Stay close to him and pay attention to what I’m saying. After that, I’ll present you to Lee Tae-kwang.” His grandmother, Shin Dal-su had also been harmed by Jo Ha-do. “Why don’t you come to see me, Grandma?” Kim Yo-han said to Shin Dal-su. What exactly is going on?

Oh Su-yeon, was with Shin Dal-su and spoke with Kim Yo-han personally. “Hello, Mr. Yohann,” Oh Su-yeon said. Maybe it’s time for me to speak with you there. I’ll simply get right to the point. You’ve gone through everything Grandma thinks you’ve gone through here.

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“What should I do in this place?” Kim Yo-han was enraged. “Isn’t that why President Cho is doing this because it’s possible to settle there as well?” Oh Su-yeon asked. We’ll talk again shortly.”

Kim Yo-han made the decision to team up with Song Doo-cheol. “As long as you’re skilled at gambling, there’s no problem,” Song Doo-cheol stated. Become the golden goose who lays golden eggs. He’ll be blind to riches then, and he’ll be near to you. He was perplexed. “What is it?” he wondered.

Song Doo-cheol drew a line that said, “I’ll listen or I won’t do it,” and Kim Yo-han joined the inside-the-prison gamble. However, Kim Yo-han misplaced the money he received from Song Doo-cheol, and Shin Dal-su died mysteriously in the meanwhile.

Kim Yo-han was released from prison to attend a funeral. Shin Dal-soo’s death was disguised as a suicide, but it was a murder, and Kim Yo-han questioned Hong Jae-sun, “Who is the cub who harmed my grandmother?” “You killed your grandmother,” Hong Jae-sun yelled, and Kim Yo-han struggled with him.

At the time, Mok Jin-hyung appeared and stopped the two of them, and Kim Yo-han overheard Hong Jae-sun and Mok Jin-hyung’s talk and knew he had been betrayed afterwards.

Mok Jin-hyung discarded the undercover research plan and information regarding Kim Yo-han, a judicial trainee, when Yoon Byung-wook discovered his identity.

“Is the investigation still under investigation?” Yo-han inquired. “I’m sorry, Yo-han,” Mok Jin-hyung apologised. “Did you throw me away?” Yohan wondered, and Jinhyeong Mok said, “What you think.”

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