If You Wish Upon Me Releases Character Posters Telling Their Different Stories

The first thing that draws attention is Ji Chang-Wook’s cheerful demeanour and sweet smile. The line “I want to be happy even for just one instant before I die” illustrates Yoon Gyeore’s evolving outlook on life. That makes us wonder what sort of tale he is concealing behind that smile.

On the other hand, Sung Dong-il’s character, Kang Tae-Sik’s, poster reads, “Who are we? It is made plain which side of the passionate volunteer class leader, “Genie,” is in charge. Additionally, Sung Dong-il’s soft grin exudes warmth and coziness.

Choi Soo-young, who is grinning widely, exudes a bright and upbeat attitude. The poster portrays Seo Yeon-Joo’s inner strength in its present state, with the words “because I want to be of some help by becoming stronger.” High hopes are placed on her warm heart and burning desire to join “Team Genie.”

If You Say You Wish Upon Me

Last but not least, Ji-an Won somehow exudes a cool aura. Where are his cold eyes headed? ‘Everyone here seems happy. I wonder who the ‘who’ in the phrase ‘except someone’ refers to, and what kind of relationship they will have with that person.

Meanwhile, “If You Wish Upon Me” is a therapeutic drama about a sensitive young man, driven at the end of his life, who grants people’s last wishes at a hospice hospital and relieves their suffering. It is a piece of art that was motivated by a real Dutch foundation that provides dying cancer patients’ final requests.

It is slated to be broadcast for the first time at 9:50 pm KST on the 10th of August on KBS2 TV.

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