Hyuna Dawn Couple Broke Up…Here’s Why?

Singers Hyuna & Dawn broke up. Just two months ago, they posted a picture of an exotic deep kiss just, and there were even rumours of marriage with a proposal ring, but it ended up with a breakup.

Hyuna made the announcement that singer Hyuna and Dawn, with whom she had a long relationship, had split up.

On the 30th, Hyuna announced, “We split up. We made the decision to carry on being good friends and colleagues, and she added, “Thank you for always supporting me and looking pretty.”

Although Hyuna didn’t mention Dawn directly, the industry considers their breakup to be “fine.” This is due to the fact that most of the pictures and videos she shot of Dawn’s emotions were removed from her personal account.Fans are shocked by their breakup because they have frequently shown their affection in public.

Even at the end of September, Hyuna shared on her personal account a photo of her passionate kiss with Dawn along with a heart emoji.

Also in July, when Dawn made an appearance on MBC’s “Radio Star,” he stated, “I have the idea that he should marry this friend,” and recounted how he confidently proposed to Hyuna in a way that attracted attention.

At the time, Dawn said, “I wanted to give Hyuna a ring. I made a ring, but the timing wasn’t right. Hyuna asked first, ‘But why don’t we wear rings?’ I said, but Hyuna was very upset” and “I thought I should bring a ring to free him that day. I brought a ring, but the size didn’t fit. The design of the ring also looked like poop”, explaining that he gave the ring again afterwards.

When the MCs asked about the wedding date, Dawn responded, “No date has yet been chosen. If we choose to, we can get married the next week. Right now, we are quite busy at work.”

On the other hand, Hyuna Dawn Couple attracted attention when they made their relationship public in 2018. Hyuna shocked everyone by revealing that she had been dating Dawn for two years, despite Cube Entertainment, her agency at the time, confirming that her dating rumours were baseless.

Since the release of their first EP, “1+1=1,” on September 9 of last year, HyunA & Dawn have actively promoted each of their solo albums and duet songs.

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