Hwang In Yeop To Hold His 1st Offline Fan Meetings At 5 Asian Countries Consecutively

To honour the 4th anniversary of his debut, Korean actor Hwang In Yeop will go on his first Asian fan meeting tour.

“Hwang In-yeop will hold the ‘2022 HWANG IN YOUP 1st Fan Meeting Tour,’ and he will attend fan meetings in five countries, including ofcourse Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand,” Keyeast’s agency revealed on July 11th.

Hwang In-yeop, who garnered attention and love from global fans beyond local fans, fans who support him, in 2020 JTBC ’18 Again’ and tvN ‘True Beautt’, and the Netflix series ‘The Sound of Magic’ launched worldwide on the 6th.

The first Asian fan meeting tour will be arranged to bring ‘HIYILY‘ (Hwang In Yeop fandom) fans from all around the world together.This is his first offline fan meeting in nearly a year, following the release of ‘Magazine H: Hi-high Vol.1’ on July 3, 2021.

According to a senior agency executive, “I was always appreciative for the outpouring of support and love from fans all around the world, not just in Korea. They always send enormous affection to Hwang In-yeop through ‘True Beauty’ and this ‘The Sound of Magic.’

We intend to repay our supporters’ devotion by expressing our gratitude to our international fans. We want to return with a range of warm performances, as this is our first fan meeting trip, so please show your interest and support.”

Expectations are high as Hwang In-yeop, who claimed that he would win the hearts of worldwide fans by immersing himself in not just CRTs but also OTT, and emerged in front of the public in a colourful and versatile appearance.

Meanwhile, the ‘2022 Hwang In-yeop 1st Fan Meeting Tour’ will take place in Korea on July 24th, Singapore on July 30th, Indonesia on August 6th, the Philippines on August 20th, and will take place on September 10th in Thailand, with ticket sales and information to be released at a later date.

Source: Sports Chosun Korea

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